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   Chios Energy Healing provides you the healer with the most leading-edge and effective techniques in energy healing. It is an integrated system composed of three sequential levels, each building on the last.

The Chios Levels:

Healing Level I: A brief introduction to energy healing, in which you will learn energy channelling (how to call in and channel the energy through your hands and into the chakras of your patient) and also how to begin to sense the energy field of your patient, using your hands.

Healing Level II: An intermediate course in energy healing. You will learn how to use healing symbols, how to correctly use your power of visualization, how to perform intuitive readings (and use them to sense the condition of the aura and chakras of your patient), how to learn to view the aura, and then how to use many new healing techniques for correcting energetic defects you will find in your patient's aura and chakras. If you are studying Chios with a Chios Master Teacher, for the purpose of getting a degree, you will be given the title of Chios Healing Practitioner upon your successful completion of this level.

Healing Level III: The Chios Master Teacher Level, with advanced techniques in energy healing. You wil learn how to channel color and light and use them (in addition to the energy) in your healing work, how to learn to see all seven layers of aura, how to completely sense the condition of the chakra system, and how to interpret the meaning of all the colors and other phenomena you will see in your patient's aura and chakras. You will then learn the core Chios Master techniques of Chakra Charging, Chakra System Rebalancing, Radiatory Healing, Seventh-Layer Healing and Frisson Healing—stunning, fundamental advances in energy healing—which will provide you the means to perform very powerful energy healing treatments for your patients. A complete distance healing method, using these color and light healing techniques, is also given. If you are taking Chios with a Chios Master Teacher, for the purpose of getting a degree, you will be given the title of Chios Master Teacher upon your successful completion of this level.

   As an accessory to the healing levels, a final section is offered:

Meditation: Meditation is a useful spiritual practice for the healer. It fosters personal growth and also the intuitive abilities useful in healing—which is why it is so beneficial to include in healing training. It is an optional, but highly recommended practice. The Chios Meditation section includes complete instructions for the practice of the meditation method included as part of Chios, and also includes instruction in advanced exercises (intuitive self-readings, chakra self-healing, empathic perception, thought communication and advanced meditation). Practice of this meditation and these advanced exercises is not necessary to learn the Chios healing techniques, but you may find it very rewarding should you choose to do so.

What You Will Need to Study the Healing Levels:

   To make your study of Chios Energy Healing as pleasant and fruitful as possible, the following are recommended:

How to Study Each Level:

   It is always best to study at a pace at which you feel comfortable. In general, the following steps are recommended, as you study the healing levels:

  1. Receive the attunement for the level you are about to study, before beginning to learn the techniques. This will fully open your energy, color and light channeling ability and make your learning and practice more easy and powerful.
  2. Study the appropriate chapter of the Chios book, as you learn and practice the techniques. Study the techniques of the level in the order they are given, and fully master each technique before proceeding to the next. Study and get comfortable with each technique, in succession. Do not be in a hurry! It is far better to study and practice at a pace that allows you to fully assimilate each learning step. The Chios techniques are discussed in the best order for learning, and also in the order you will commonly be performing the techniques during treatments. Each chapter subsection in the book (or page on this website) covers one specific technique. Study and get comfortable with each technique, in succession.
  3. After you have studied and practiced all the techniques for the Chios level you are on, practice giving complete healing treatments using all the new techniques you've learned. Use the Treatment Outlines, provided in the Appendix of the book, to guide you in the treatment steps (make a copy for easy reference while you give healing treatments).
  4. If you are studying Chios with a Chios Master Teacher, for the purpose of getting a degree, your teacher will provide instruction and whatever materials are needed. There are recommended companion workbooks, for each course level you are studying. Your Chios Master Teacher may provide these companion workbooks to you, either in printable form (to be completed by hand) or in form-fill PDF format (which can be completed entirely on your computer and then emailed to your teacher). Or, your teacher may provide his or her own custom materials. After your complete study of the Chios book, and completion of the instructional materials your teacher provides, your Chios Master Teacher will grant your degree, in that Chios level.

If You Are Studying to Become a Chios Master Teacher:

Chios Energy Healing includes the opportunity to become a Chios Master Teacher. Becoming a Chios Master Teacher not only brings you to the highest, most powerful level as an energy healer, but enables you to attune your own students and provide healing training and conduct healing classes based upon the Chios techniques (if you wish). To become a Chios Master Teacher requires that you receive the full series of three Chios attunements (either as in-person attunements or as distance attunements), and also complete a study of all three Chios healing course levels. After your completion of the third Chios level, your Chios Master Teacher will grant your degree as a new Chios Master Teacher!

   Chios Master Teachers are given the Fourth Symbol in Chios Healing. It is not a well-known symbol, like the first three symbols (which are discussed on this website and in the Chios book), but a special, powerful one unique to Chios. This fourth symbol is used to give the Chios Attunements to healing students. Chios Master Teachers are also given the comprehensive Chios Attunements Manual, which details exactly how to perform the three Chios Attunements (both as in-person and distance attunements) . The Fourth Symbol of Chios and the method of performing the Chios attunements (as given in the Chios Attunements Manual) are made available only to Chios Master Teachers. They are not made publicly available and are not discussed in the Chios book nor on this website. After becoming a Chios Master Teacher, you should never divulge the Fourth Symbol to anyone or give the Chios Attunements Manual to anyone. These are for Chios Master Teachers only.


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