Healing Level II


   The following are suggested precautions and procedures for treatment of patients with certain illnesses or other important conditions. They are all performed in addition to a full basic energy healing treatment procedure, incorporating them into the treatment in the appropriate locations whenever treating a patient with the particular condition. If you are comfortable using the light, you will benefit your patient by using it in these procedures, as it adds an extra power and effectiveness to the healing that is important in working with patients suffering from illness or disease.

   Some of these procedures include advanced techniques. Should you have any future questions or require advice on the proper practice of the following techniques, use the support offered through this website to obtain assistance.

   It is advisable for the healer, at the beginning of treatment, to inquire of the patient as to any medical or disease conditions present (including medications), and incorporate the appropriate procedures into a complete healing treatment.

Heart Disease:

   Heart disease will often be indicated by a heart chakra that is blocked, has an unhealthy feel, or shows a large amount of discoloration. When treating a person with mild heart disease, proceed as usual. For a person who is on medication for heart disease, treat the heart chakra (4th chakra) last. If the person has heart disease in an advanced stage, treat the heart chakra last, and for an extended period of time (up to 15 minutes in some cases). Aura charging is almost always indicated for serious heart disease. The heart chakra may require unblocking and removal of auric impurities around it, as well as extra energy during hand placement.

   For serious heart disease, especially coronary artery disease, you may now try the following advanced exercise:

   Place all 10 of your fingertips lightly on the body surface over the heart, with fingers gently curved but without the palms on the body, and then visualize and draw energy from the entire body of the patient, into the patient's heart. Draw and collect the energy there, as an electrifying flow from the entire body, the purpose being to charge the heart and heart chakra electrically to cleanse and strengthen. Maintain this for 2 to 3 minutes, and then draw your fingertips and hands up above the heart and away from the body outward, as if the fingertips were tracing the lines of a funnel away, and visualize the energy coming forth in this way from the body, cleansing the heart. Draw out the hands at least 3 or 4 times in this way, at a moderate speed. For those with serious heart disease, a course of treatments is necessary, and the patient should be treated every 2 or 3 days.


   Treat the hypertensive patient as usual, but always include correction of energy flow, and also treatment of both arms, one at a time, with your right palm on the inside of the elbow, left palm on the outside. After the arms, treat the hands, also, one at a time, by taking the hand and placing it between your palms, sandwiching it and sending in the energy for a few moments. Hypertension patients should be treated approximately twice per week, if possible.


  There is no regeneration for the tissue damaged by stroke, but prevention of stroke, or further stroke, is possible, and it is also possible to assist stroke victims in their work to regain use of affected parts of the body. To treat or prevent stroke, after the basic treatment positions:

   Ask the patient to sit up. Now place your hands on the shoulders, at the base of the neck, on the sides, where the neck and shoulders meet, and conduct the energy for up to 5 or 10 minutes. Treat both the arms and the hands, also, as detailed under hypertension, which is often present. Aura charging is indicated on all patients who have suffered a stroke. Auric impurities near the head and neck may require removal. Regular treatments are necessary.


   Employ in your treatment unblocking and extra energy to chakras that may be related to the disease. These chakras may display an unhealthy feel, be blocked, show poor color hue, or draw extra energy during hand placement. Certain cancers will often correspond to diseased chakras, as shown, and these will require extra treatment. For some cancers, more than one chakra is given extra treatment, as shown:

   After treating the chakras, assist the cancer patient as follows:

   Place your hands directly over the diseased area, or as close as you can, for an extended period (up to 15 minutes), varying the hand position 3 or 4 times during this period while maintaining the hands around the affected area. Varying the hand position, in this way, is more effective than keeping the hands in one static position. Some areas, e.g. prostate, colon and breast, may require that the hands not be placed directly on the area, in consideration to the comfort and modesty of the patient. In these cases, place the hands on opposite sides of the area as near to the area as comfortable, and vary the position as described. For breast cancer, for example, place the hands on opposite sides of the patient's breast, for colon or prostate cancer place one hand on the lower abdomen below the 2nd chakra and one on the upper leg as near the genital region as comfortable. Auric impurities near the affected area may require removal, on some patients. Aura charging is almost universally indicated in serious cases. Sealing of tears and other damaged areas of the field will be needed often, especially for patients who have received radiation therapy. A positive attitude on the part of the healer is important, also.

   For those patients who have cancer in danger of spreading, perform an intuitive reading of a body outline, asking for information on which areas of the body are susceptible to spread of the disease, and treat those areas. Seek to contain the disease in this way, in addition to treatment of primary affected areas. If you are accomplished with visualization, see any and all tumors shrinking as you conduct the energy, but be sure you maintain transparency and effortlessness as you do so. End cancer treatments by again treating the 7th chakra, and finally by grounding once again.

   Patients with cancer will benefit from a treatment regimen that provides for very frequent treatments—even every day in serious cases.


   Always treat diabetics from the lower chakras upwards (start at the lowest chakra you usually treat, the 2nd chakra, when treating the front of the body, and move upwards, as you usually do in the back). Treat the pancreas by sandwiching it with the hands, one palm over the pancreas on the front of the body, one hand on the back of the body, while seeing the energy surround and energize the pancreas. Treat the pancreas, and the 2nd and 3rd chakras, for an extended period. Treat diabetics 2 times per week.

Neurological Diseases:

  Treat from the lower chakras up, as with diabetics, and treat the 7th chakra for an extended period, using the Star. Treat any auric impurities or damaged areas around the head or neck. Treat 1 to 2 times per week.

Diseases of the Lungs:

   After the first round of chakra positions, diseases or weaknesses of the lungs are treated by placing the hands in a specific position on the chest cavity, with the patient sitting, as follows:

   Place your right hand on the front upper left side of the patient's chest, below the shoulder and 2 to 3 inches above the left nipple. Place your left palm on a position on the patient's back directly opposite your right palm. Maintain this position, sending the energy through the hands and into the chest cavity, into the left lung area. Once this is finished, treat the right side of the chest, the right lung, in a similar manner, placing your right palm on the front side and your left on the rear. After treating the right side, the heart chakra is treated again by placing the right hand over the front and the left hand on the rear of that chakra, and sending in the energy for several moments. Some critically ill patients will not be able to sit up, and this lung treatment may be conducted with the patient lying down, by placing the right hand as described, and placing the left hand under the body below the right, while treating the left and right sides. Place both hands, gently overlapping, over the front of the heart chakra, at the end.

Infectious Diseases or Infections:

  Treatment must always be in addition to conventional medical treatment using antibiotics, etc. The patient under siege by one of these microorganisms will be weakened, and will require strengthening by the healer, including aura charging for all patients. Fever, when present, requires that the treatment be of shorter duration, half the usual time at each position.

   Certain chakras may display an unhealthy feel, be blocked, show poor color hue, and draw extra energy during hand placement, requiring additional energy work, with certain diseases, as listed:

Diseases of the Internal Organs:

   For diseases of the kidney, liver, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, intestines, etc., treat as usual, but spend extra time on the chakra nearest the affected organ. This related chakra will often give off an unhealthy feel, show poor color, be blocked, or draw extra energy during hand placement. This will often be the 3rd chakra, but it will be possible that the 2nd chakra may require attention as well (with the lower intestine, for example). Treat the diseased organ directly, also, by having the patient sit up, if possible, and placing the right palm directly over the organ on the front of the body, and the left palm on the back of the body directly behind it. Send the energy to the organ, with it sandwiched between your palms, for an extended period. See the energy penetrating into the body, between your sandwiched hands, to the affected organ. Treat 1 to 2 times per week, depending on severity.

Mental Disorders:

   For patients with psychological disorders, it is impossible to predict the effect of treatment. You must proceed with caution. Treat the person for a short time, one-half or one-third of the normal treatment time per chakra, and note any effects. Proceed carefully.

   For emotionally or mentally disturbed patients, perform a shortened treatment first, and then check with the patient, during a 24-hour period afterwards, to ensure no unsettling effects manifest. Should treatments prove safe, you will find that a standard treatment will benefit these persons. Should any chakras seem to require extra energy or display an unhealthy feel or poor color to their functioning, treat them with the energy for an extended period.

Disorders of the Ears and Eyes:

   For diseases or conditions of the eyes, have the patient close the eyes, and place your hands over the eyes, one hand over each eye, with the palms over the eyeball. Send in the energy in this position.

   For diseases or disorders of the ears, place your hands on the sides of the patient's head, one hand on each side, with the palms over the ears. For patients with hearing loss or similar hearing problems, also treat the 7th chakra for an extended period.

Recovery From Surgery:

   Treat the affected areas with extra energy, and also treat the chakras nearest the area affected for an extended time. Auric impurities near the affected area may require removal. This procedure, as part of a general treatment, is restorative and highly beneficial.

Care For the Dying:

  For patients who are dying, treatment is still very beneficial. The conduction of the energy is a comforting measure. Seek to provide rest and comfort to the patient. Should any chakras in the chakra system have an unhealthy feel, show unhealthy color, or seem to require extra energy, treat all such chakras for an extended period. Treat the patient, in any way you intuitively feel is beneficial, or feel guided to do. The patient who is dying benefits from treatments twice a week.


   Pregnant women must always lie on their side for treatment. You may alter the usual hand positions in such a way that you treat both components of the fourth, third and second chakras at the same time, if you wish. If you do so, center your right palm over the front component, and your left palm over the rear component. A mother who has given birth will benefit from a treatment after recovering the birth process, with extra attention to the areas of the lower abdomen affected, and 2nd chakra, but it is not necessary to also treat the newborn.

Colds and Flu:

   For persons suffering from colds, passing viral illnesses, etc., you may give frequent treatments, but of shorter duration, one-half or one-third of the usual time on each chakra position. These short treatments are a tonic to the sufferer, but a longer treatment tends to tire the body.


   During the standard treatment, it is important to impart a quality of stillness to the energy flow, feeling the stillness in yourself, and passing this on as the energy, instead of as an energizing force. Seek to strengthen the patient. There will usually be energy loss from leaks and tears in the auric field, all over the body and over chakras, and these should be sealed. Aura charging, to replenish energy, will almost always be required. Certain chakras will also exhibit an irregular or diseased energy to them, poor color hue, and will therefore require extra energy treatment for a longer period.

   The patient will often possess a weakness of the lungs and chest, and treatment of the lungs, as detailed under Lung Diseases, should almost always be included. Complications are common, and they should be treated by placing the hands on affected areas, if localized. The AIDS patient should be treated 2 to 3 times per week, and may require even more attention if the disease progresses into more frequent and severe complications, and the patient weakens.


   When the hands may not be placed on the body, as with burned areas, the hands may instead be placed a few inches, up to 3 to 5 inches, above the burned area, and the energy will still transfer to the patient in good quantity, although it will not be quite as effective as when the hands lie directly on the body surface.

Broken Bones or Sprains:

   Place your hands directly over the afflicted area in addition to normal treatment.


   Treat children for one-half to one-third the usual amount of time at each chakra position. Children should not receive more than one treatment every 8 or 9 days, also.

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