Healing Level III


Charging and rebalancing the chakras in your patient’s chakra system that require these healing techniques has a great positive effect upon the operation of your patient’s entire energy field, and yet to supplement and enhance the strength and purity of the native energetic functioning of the chakras (as done in chakra charging) and correct imbalances in the activity levels of the chakras (as is done in chakra rebalancing) is sometimes not enough. It is also possible for your patient’s chakras to have structural energetic defects—defects in the structure, energy pattern and energy flow of the chakra. This is a very serious condition, one which often eventually results in illness in the physical body and chronic ill conditions in the emotions, the psychology and even the spiritual life of your patient. Structural energetic defects in chakra structure can be corrected, however, through the use of the Chios Radiatory Healing technique. Treating all chakras that exhibit structural energetic defects, using this powerful technique, is your next important step in healing your patient’s chakras.

   We have discussed how you the healer become an open, transparent channel when performing energy healing work. You are open to intuitive and empathic sensing of your patient’s condition, and are transparent to the energies and healing forces that you act as a channel for during the healing process. You are a vehicle for the knowledge and power of pure consciousness, which is the force that actually effects healing, and there is a unity between you, your patient and your patient’s energy field as you work. In sensing and treating structural energetic defects in chakras you make full use of this profound role of the energy healer. You will sense structural energetic defects by making use of this unity (and knowledge): you will empathically sense the structural energetic defects that exist in your patient’s chakras empathically, in your own chakras, with your whole being. You will then treat structural energetic defects by again making use of this unity (and power): you will visualize, sense and become the chakra in need, to be a perfect and unqualified channel for the healing power needed to heal this serious condition—with your whole being. Radiatory healing is a recapitulation of the entire role of the energy healer, and the purest form of healing there is.

  When you use radiatory healing to heal a chakra with structural energetic defects, by visualizing, sensing and becoming the chakra in your patient that requires this treatment, you become a pure channel for the healing power of pure consciousness, which acts in the specific form of a sympathetic resonance between the chakra in your patient that requires radiatory healing and your own corresponding chakra (by virtue of their similar native energies and vibrational rates). This identity between you and your patient (you are one), and this specific identity between your corresponding chakras, radiates healing power into your patient’s chakra in a very pure way. The act of merely visualizing, sensing and becoming your patient’s chakra—without use of even a concept of energy, color or light—allows healing powers and energies to pass into the chakra so powerful we do not even use such concepts to understand them. These are energies beyond our healing vocabulary, which effect the powerful changes needed to heal chakras with these structural energetic defects. You will still use your hands, however, to assist in directing these energies.


  This very powerful technique is covered completely in the Chios textbook Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field, which includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions of this complex technique, along with a full series of illustrations detailing every step. The book is available on Amazon by clicking on the link.

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