Healing Level III


   Charging and rebalancing of the chakras can have a great positive effect upon their operation, and yet to supplement and enhance the strength and purity of the native energetic functioning within the chakra (as in charging) or to correct imbalances in the activity levels of the chakras within the chakra system (as is done in rebalancing) is sometimes not enough. It is also possible for chakras to have structural energetic defects—defects in the structure, energy pattern and energy flow of the chakra itself. This is a serious condition, one which can affect not only the physical health of the patient (due to improper energy balance and flow throughout the body and related organs) but can also limit and cause ill conditions in the emotions, the mind and even the spiritual life of the patient. Such defects in chakra structure can therefore place great problems and limitations on the well-being of the patient. They can be corrected, however, through the use of a powerful energy healing technique known as The Radiatory Method.

   As you have felt in your healing work, the body and mind of the healer become "transparent" during the healing process, in which the healer acts as a channel. The healer, while healing, is transparent to the energies and healing forces that come through during the healing process and is also open to intuitive and empathic sensing of the patient's condition. As we have discussed, the healer's body may mirror the body of the patient, in the empathic sensing of conditions that require treatment. When this occurs, the healer may sense, in his or her self, conditions in the patient that require treatment, including sensing in the healer's own chakras, those chakras in the patient which have structural energetic defects and require treatment with the radiatory method.

   In radiatory healing, using the radiatory method, the healer will use this mirroring in another way. The healer will use his or her own body—actually the corresponding chakras of his or her own energy field—as a channel to send the healing energy to the patient and treat the chakra using this technique. In a sense, the healer cures ills in his patient by curing the ills in his or her "self." The healer does this by becoming the chakra that requires treatment. The result of a pure visualization upon the ill chakra of a patient, by the healer, is to send forth healing energy through the healer's own corresponding chakra and to the chakra of the patient. The health of the healer's own chakra radiates to the ill chakra in the patient, and does so because the two corresponding chakras, of healer and patient, have a compatible, like-kind energy—a sympathetic resonance of their native energies exist, which makes this healing connection possible. The hands, however, are still used to help direct the energy.

   Radiatory healing is based upon this theory, and when properly performed is an act of self-transcendence on the part of the healer. A pure visualization of the chakra in need requires that the healer set his or her own self aside and become only that chakra. Thus, the healer, when engaging in radiatory healing, is not his or her "self " at all, but is a channel to pure energy. In the purest sense of healing, the healer creates an area where the healing energy and the patient meet and becomes transparent to this meeting. It is as though both the patient and the healing energy are drawn into the healer and sent outward into the patient. It is important to also understand that the healer, while performing radiatory healing, is not in control of, and may not know the details of, the healing, and simply surrenders his or herself to the healing power being directed through. It is, however, the purest act of healing that there is; it is a radiation of pure energy from one chakra to another, from healer to patient. The radiatory method works by creating a completely pure channel in the healer, so that healing power from the field of pure consciousness can be very effectively tapped—perhaps with the assistance of a guide—so that the defect in chakra structure is healed.

   The radiatory method not only treats the chakras of the patient, but also works on the higher aura levels. When a chakra is treated with the radiatory method, its entire field is treated, including the points on the higher aura levels where its influence is felt. The energy radiates from the chakra of the healer to that of the patient, but is also distributed, infuses into and effects changes in the patient's aura layers, up to and including the corresponding aura level. This serves to correct whatever structural energetic defect may have been present in the chakra, and to treat the higher aura layers, which may also have unhealthy conditions on them. As in chakra charging, the hands of the healer are used to direct the healing energy to the higher levels of aura, the chakra points above the patient's physical body. The hands of the healer are also frequently in motion, when treating these higher aura levels, as with charging.

   To treat chakras exhibiting structural energetic defects with the radiatory method, you may once again begin at the lowest or highest chakra in need, as your judgment dictates. Use the following hand positions and procedures:

   Place your hands on the first chakra to be treated, in the hands-overlapping hand position you use during hand placement (hands on the body surface with the right palm centered over the chakra and the left hand gently overlapping). Use this for all (except the 1st and 7th) chakras. Now you must begin to visualize the patient's chakra—you must allow all else to drop away from your awareness and simply become one with the chakra of the patient.

  Do not visualize the chakra in a "visual" sense, as though you were seeing it, but sense and become the essence of the chakra. Do not "think about" the chakra—do not think about anything—but only sense and become. Visualize the chakra, become the chakra, feeling "yourself" perhaps as a source of radiant energy, instead of visualizing a particular shape or appearance. Set aside your own identity and become the chakra you are healing. Do not think about or do anything else except become the chakra, using your visualizing power. You, your hands and the patient's chakra are One. Release yourself and conduct whatever energy flows through you.

   After treating the chakra at this lowest level for a few moments, move your hands to 5 or 6 inches above the chakra, and spread your hands further apart, so that they are now only slightly overlapping, as you did during color charging at the higher levels. Become the chakra again, using your powers of visualization in the exact same way as above, and conduct again whatever energies flow through you to this second level, but with one addition: as with charging, when your hands are off the body treating the chakra, you may feel that you want to move your hands in small semicircular movements, two or three inches in diameter, to help spread whatever healing energies are coming through into the higher layers of aura. You may merely have the idea of movement in your mind, as if you were moving imaginary "etheric" hands. Your psychic sense of what is best, or the assistance or direction of a guide, may make your hands want to move. Often your hands will be in motion, at the higher aura levels, as you treat a chakra with the radiatory method.

   Continue this process until you have treated at least up to the aura level corresponding to the chakra you are treating, as you have done with charging. At each level, it is vital that you focus your entire being on becoming one with the chakra you are treating, and remain totally open to whatever energies are flowing through you—a perfectly open and clear channel. This is the only way that your own chakra can connect with your patient's and perform the healing needed.  If you are able to sense or view the conditions on the higher bodies, as you perform this technique on the higher layers, you may use this awareness to judge when your treatment at each layer is complete.

   Perform this technique for each chakra which you have sensed requires it. While engaging in radiatory healing, you may feel elevated in spirit, or have experiences related to the level of consciousness being worked on. It is also very possible that, as you sense and become the chakra, you will receive psychic information and guidance regarding the life experiences that led to the damage, and correlating conditions in the psychology of the patient, as well as the influence the damage has had to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the patient's being. As in charging and rebalancing, only the front of the body is treated in this manner.

   When using the radiatory technique on the 7th chakra, use the usual hand position—begin with the hands on the top sides of the head (as during the regular round of hand positions), and then proceed to the higher levels, moving the hands successively farther apart. When performing the radiatory technique on the 1st chakra, place your hands 10 inches above the chakra, diagonally out, and treat only this one level.

   When performing the charging or radiatory techniques during the treatment of children, you must use 4 inch increments instead of the 5 to 6 inch increments used on adults. This is because the higher bodies in children do not extend as far out from the body. All these increments, as given, may not exactly correspond to the spacing of the higher bodies, which are successively further away from the body surface, but they provide for maximum dispersion of the healing energies into the higher aura layers. You will note, also, that the spacing used—5 to 6 inches when dispersing the energies—is greater than the 4 to 5 inch visual increments used when attempting to view the successively higher layers of aura. This is because the hands are most effective when just above the outer limit of any particular aura level In reality, there are various accounts and ways of defining the locations of the higher bodies, yet these increments given provide for maximum effect.

Becoming More Aware of the Nature and Function of the Chakras:

   The chakras are of central importance in healing work. To become aware of their nature and function is of great benefit to the healer. As you may have experienced, each chakra has its own nature—the third chakra, for example, has a nature and function different from the sixth—although, of course, all the chakras relate to each other in each individual and make up the chakra system as a whole.

   Much has been written regarding the nature and function of each of the chakras in the chakra system, and yet the truth is that this nature and function cannot be described purely through the use of words and ideas. The chakras, as channels and expressions of pure being, contain qualities and aspects beyond a purely physical or mental understanding and can only truly be known through the cultivation of a higher awareness: a holistic awareness of the deeper nature and function of each chakra itself, how it relates to the other chakras in the patient, how it relates to the function of the physical body (related organs, etc.) and how its way of working serves to influence the higher levels of the patient's psychology and life experience (emotional, mental and spiritual biases and influences). Mere descriptions employing generalities of various sorts may serve to give a rudimentary idea of each chakra's manner of functioning and realm of influence, but the full understanding is much greater than any of these, and cannot be achieved through the descriptions of the rational mind alone.

   During your practice of the radiatory method, you may have begun to gain some sense of the deeper nature and function of the chakras. To visualize, sense and become the chakra makes possible this deeper learning, in which knowledge of the chakra becomes part of you at a fundamental level. As you practice the various techniques for sensing and treating chakras, especially the radiatory technique, it is wise to begin to seek and cultivate this deeper awareness of the nature and function of each chakra in the chakra system, and the particular characteristics and influences each chakra presents in your various patients. It is interesting to know that, as you acquire a sense of the beingness, nature and function of each chakra, you also acquire a sense for its corresponding higher layer of aura—the ultimate nature of the chakras and the ultimate nature of the higher body corresponding to each are one. To visualize, sense and become the chakras, and therefore to know this level of the chakras and bodies, is easier than to try to accomplish this same purpose through the study or visualization of the aura levels. Visualization of the chakras is therefore essential to acquiring this knowledge, and you may, if you wish, practice this visualization and learning of the chakras during healing treatments or at other times:

   With your hands on the chakra of your patient, or a subject, sense and become the chakra, as you have learned to do in your practice of the radiatory method.  Allow a deep sense of the chakra itself to emerge in your awareness, without qualifying it in verbal or mental terms. Do you gain a deep sense of its realm of being and its place in the holistic functioning of the patient's body and mind?  Allow yourself to gain a pure sense of the chakra's place in the life of the patient, and also a sense of what individual variations, which individual characteristics, influences and biases exist in your patient which relate to this chakra. You may get all this information in various ways: pictures, your "felt sense," or simply a sense of a deeper knowing. After you practice a sensing and becoming of each of the chakras in your subject's chakra system, allow a sense of all the chakras as one—a deep sense of the unity of the chakra system, in structure and function—to emerge in your awareness and understanding as you focus upon your patient or subject. This, like a sensing and becoming of individual chakras, is like a form of meditation, in which knowledge simply comes to you, at a deep level.

   You may also seek to acquire this deeper understanding of the chakras by sensing and becoming your own chakras (without the placing of your hands upon the chakras being necessary, in this case).  You may find this an even easier way to begin to sense the deep nature and function of the chakras, and later in this course you will work on an exercise to sense your own chakras in this way. All such efforts at learning the chakras will aid in the development of your deeper understanding—an awareness that exists and grows in a larger realm, beyond mere mental understanding. It is important to remember, however, that all your learning and knowing of individual chakras must expand into a knowing of all the chakras in the chakra system as one.

   Such efforts at learning to know the chakra system have a twofold purpose: they serve to cultivate a deeper awareness of the chakras and the chakra system as pure entities, and to acquaint the healer with particular variations and characteristics that each chakra and each chakra system contains. The chakra system does not exist apart from each individual. It is not fixed, nor is it greater than an individual, and it cannot exist without an individual characteristic, either. As each person has a personality, a particular expression of whatever underlying spiritual essence is contained in human nature in general, each chakra system has particular characteristics which are an expression of the underlying reality of the nature and function of each chakra and the chakra system as a whole. As a general understanding of human nature can be achieved through the deep understanding of particular human beings, the nature and function of the chakras and the chakra system can be attained through a deep learning and experience of the chakras in your patients and in yourself.

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