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   If you wish to be a serious student of Chios Energy Healing, and obtain training that will be genuinely educational and enable you to effectively practice Chios (and even teach it to others), your most important decision will be your choice of a Chios Master Teacher. It is your Chios Master Teacher who will give you the Chios attunements, provide instruction and support as you learn the Chios techniques and (after you complete your training) grant your degree. The quality of the Chios Master Teacher you choose will directly determine the quality of your educational experience.

Here is a list of questions you may wish to ask yourself (and a few for your prospective Chios Master Teacher), as you make this very important decision:

  1. What is your overall impression of the teacher’s school, or his or her teaching style and teaching standards? Does the teacher appear to make an effort to provide genuine and effective instruction and maintain solid educational standards? Or does the teacher instead just seem to run a “diploma mill,” provide little instruction, little or nonexistent support and a hastily-issued degree, to make a quick profit? In a real school, or with a real teacher, you are required to learn to earn your degree. If you are not, you are paying your money for nothing. Beware especially of teachers and websites who offer "free attunements," or who offer attunements separate from an instructional program in the Chios techniques. Attunements, by themselves, do not advance you spiritually (nor as an energy healer). These are not real educational offerings at all, and are more properly classified as internet "scams."

  2. Does the teacher have a good reputation? You may wish to talk to several of the teacher’s past students. How do they feel about the effectiveness of the attunements they received? About the quality of the instruction and support which the teacher provided? Keep in mind that there may always be personal likes and dislikes, between a teacher and his or her students, but if you talk to a few former students you will probably find that a pattern emerges (good or bad). Your teacher’s reputation may be important; it may not just affect the quality of the attunements and instruction you receive, but (because future patients and students may ask about your training, teacher and lineage), may affect how your qualifications are viewed.

  3. Does the teacher use the authentic Chios book? Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field is available at a very reasonable cost and is the definitive and authentic source of the Chios knowledge and techniques. If the teacher is using or providing obsolete Chios “course manuals” (PDFs or cheap copies), you are being given inferior instructional materials. They may contain many errors and omissions long since corrected, they do not have the (very important) step-by-step instructions for learning the techniques and do not have the comprehensive illustrations and reference resources contained in the book. Beware especially of teachers who teach their own “version” of Chios—perhaps from a manual of their own creation and with alterations in the techniques. You are not learning the pure spiritual transmission of Chios at all.

  4. Does the teacher use the official Chios Workbooks or other high-quality supplemental learning materials, to support your study? The official Chios Workbooks are keyed to the authentic Chios book, and are available as free downloads from this website or from your teacher. They are the recommended workbooks for the serious student. Your teacher is not required to use them, however, but can subsitute learning materials of his or her own creation. If your teacher is not providing (and correcting) the recommended Workbooks, or not employing other equally comprehensive materials to assist in your learning, you are not benefitting from a genuine educational process.

  5. Is the teacher requiring you to learn and practice all the actual Chios techniques, for each of the three Chios levels, and reviewing your progress with you? That is the core of the Chios learning process, whether you are learning Chios in-person from the teacher or by distance learning. If you are not learning and practicing the techniques and using them to give complete healing treatments, as your progress is being evaluated, you are not in a genuine learning process. Beware of teachers who just give attunements and do not assist you and review your progress with you, as you learn and practice the actual techniques.

We’ve described the ideal teacher-student educational relationship above, of course. No teacher is perfect, and no student is perfect either. But, use the general guidelines above to choose your Chios Master Teacher carefully! A wise choice now will return many benefits, as you learn this fascinating and powerful healing art, and for many years hence.

©1994 - 2013 Stephen H. Barrett