Healing Level II


   Although it does not occur in the majority of patients, energy depletion is a serious condition that inhibits the entire life process of the patient and makes the patient more susceptible to diseases and afflictions. It can also inhibit the effectiveness of whatever healing work is being performed.

   In energy healing, this condition can be corrected through a procedure known as aura charging,whereby the depleted energy field is "charged," or replenished with energy. Whereas the usual conduction of energy into the chakras, during the laying-on-of-hands positions you have learned, does also add energy to the aura, aura charging is a more direct and specific way to supplement the energy content of the energy field itself, when it is depleted.

   Although aura charging is not needed on all patients, there will be many patients that will greatly benefit, especially those with conditions that threaten the life energy (e.g. depression, cancer, AIDS, heart disease and many other serious conditions). You will find that it is commonly needed by those with serious illnesses, and will provide a re-energization and sense of well-being that is necessary for healing these persons. It is also useful for those who are just "run down," and may prevent illness and induce well-being in these patients, too. To charge the aura of your patient:

   Place your hands on the body in the successive positions shown in the diagram, beginning with the feet. In each position, the right palm is held over the lower end of the position, the left on the higher. In position 1, for example, place your right palm over the sole of the patient's right foot, and your left palm over the top of the patient's right knee.

   Beginning with your hands in the first position shown, conduct energy into your patient, but transfer the energy in a slightly different way than usual. Transfer the energy in a more intense way, almost as if you are radiating energy into the patient and the patient's field to create a bond between the two. Radiate the energy from both of your hands equally, and into the patient and their energy field. Sense yourself as the patient, and as the patient's field, as it fills with energy. Visualize the bond between the patient and the patient's field in this area, and visualize the field in this region filling, expanding with energy.

Aura Charging Positions

   Transfer the energy into the patient, in this way, for one to two minutes, or until you get a sense of completeness and/or the energy flow diminishes. Now move to position 2—place your right palm on the sole of the patient's left foot and your left palm on the patient's left knee. Again transmit the energy, seeking to create a bond between the patient and their energy field while visualizing the field filling and expanding, in the same manner as before. Continue treating this second position until you gain a sense of completeness and/or the energy flow diminishes, yet also make sure that you sense a balance between this side of the patient's field and the other side that you just treated.

   After finishing treatment of this position, continue successively treating the patient in the positions shown in the numerical order above, at each position transmitting the energy in the correct way until you feel that that position is complete—each position should only require between 1 and 2 minutes of treatment, although certain positions may require a little longer, depending on your patient's particular needs. When proceeding from one side to the other, as you move upwards, treat until a feeling of balance between the two sides is obtained—lead the energy up the body deliberately, and in such a way as it is balanced on both sides. The exact hand positions may be varied—some healers may prefer to add the arms, for example—but this is not usually necessary.

   As you proceed up the patient's body performing this technique, you will sense the patient's aura charging, and may feel the energy radiating outward as it fills. You may see, in your mind's eye, or with your eyes, the aura fill, brighten and expand. It is the intense transmission of energy to the patient in this way, while visualizing the bond between the patient and their field and the field of filling and expanding, which directs the energy to fill and charge the aura in this manner.

Localized Aura Charging:

   It is sometimes found that only certain regions of the body will exhibit energy depletion. This is not a particularly common condition, but occasionally the extreme portion of the limbs—the lower arms and hands, and/or the lower legs and feet—display a condition of energy depletion, although the overall vitality of the field is not particularly low. This condition may be corrected with aura charging of that region only.

   For energy depletion in the lower legs, charge from the foot to the knee (as in position 1 and 2 in the full procedure above), as well as from the knee to the hip joint, if you sense it is necessary. For energy depletion in the lower arms, charge each arm from the hand to the elbow joint, by placing your right hand palm-to-palm with the patient's hand, and the other palm on the inside of the elbow joint. The arm to the shoulder may be charged on each arm also, if needed. The arms may also be included in this way in a full aura charging treatment, if you feel it wise, yet this is not usually necessary.

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