Healing Level II

Healing Level II

Welcome to Chios Level II. This level will assist you in greatly adding to your healing power and repertoire of techniques. You will learn to channel larger amounts of healing energy into your patient, to sense many simple energetic defects in your patient's aura and chakras and you will learn many new healing techniques to correct those energetic defects.

  As you begin your study of this level, you may choose to receive the second Chios attunement. As before, it is not at all required that your receive this attunement, should you wish to learn and practice the techniques in this level, but the attunement will assist you in channeling larger amounts of healing energy and will add to your ability to effectively perform the many new healing techniques that you will learn. The second Chios attunement is a more powerful attunement than the first. If you choose to receive it, be sure to once again carefully observe the preparatory steps so that you may gain the full benefits.


In your study of Chios Level I, you began to work with the energy—you began to channel the energy and sense the human energy field with your hands. As you have learned, the energy field is composed of the aura and the chakras, and it is energetic defects within them that result in diseases and afflictions of body, mind and spirit. It's time to learn a little more about this energy field and some of these defects that can occur in it.

  The aura exists in seven layers or "higher bodies" and each layer of aura corresponds to a different aspect of our being—each aura layer, like each chakra, is a realm of being and consciousness. The 1st layer, or etheric body, is an energy body that closely follows the outlines of the physical body and that consists of the energetic operations that support the biological and chemical processes within it. You have begun to sense the energy of this etheric body through your practice of the passing of hands. In Chios Level II you will learn to see this 1st layer of aura. The emotional body, or 2nd layer of aura, and the mental body, or 3rd layer of aura—the next two layers above the etheric body—are intimately connected to the emotional life and mental life, respectively. The remaining layers, the 4th through the 7th, have progressively more spiritual functioning. These seven layers of aura interpenetrate (occupy the same area of space in and around the physical body), but each layer extends a little further beyond the body surface than the layer before (at increments of approximately four to five inches). The layers exist upon successively higher level of energetic "vibration," and it is important to understand that these layers are defined by their successively higher vibrational level and not by their physical location. Energetic defects commonly occur in any or all of the seven layers, and during your practice of Chios Level II you will learn to sense and correct four common simple energetic defects in the aura. In Chios Level III you will learn to sense and heal all the energetic defects of all seven layers of aura.

  The chakra system consists of the seven major chakras, each of which also corresponds to a different aspect of our being. Each chakra has an important relationship with its corresponding layer of aura—from 1st to 7th. The 1st chakra, for example, is associated with physical vitality and physical life and bears a close relationship to the 1st layer of aura (the etheric body), which is the energetic pattern for the operation for the physical body. The 2nd chakra is associated with emotions, particularly desire and sexuality, and bears a close relationship to the 2nd layer of aura (the emotional body). The 3rd chakra is associated with mind, especially concepts relating to perception and projection of self, and bears a close relationship with the 3rd layer of aura (mental body). The 4th through 7th chakras display successively more complex and more spiritual mode of functioning, just as their corresponding layers of aura likewise progress to higher, more refined and spiritual levels of operation. The seven aura layers and seven chakras form an energy field around the physical body that supports all the various facets of our worldly life and is both a regulator and indicator of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. Energetic defects of the chakras are common, and during your practice of Chios Level II you will learn to sense and treat one very important energetic defect in chakras: blocked chakras. In Chios Level III you will learn to sense and heal all the energetic defects in chakras using many additional powerful techniques.

  There are many exciting healing techniques you will learn in Chios Levels II and III, but it is important to understand, right from the start, that it is not these techniques alone but the holistic awareness and action of you the healer that makes effective energy healing possible. The human energy field is a holistic entity: every part affects every other part. You should never think of the various parts of the energy field—the chakras, and the layers of aura and the phenomena within them—as separate entities, but as parts of a greater whole that work together. Each affects all the others, and together they comprise the health and state of being of the individual. The layers of aura, for example, are not entirely separate entities. Not only do they interpenetrate in space, they intimately affect each other. Energetic defects in one layer of aura will often filter through and affect many other layers. Chakras are not entirely separate entities, either. The chakra system is one whole system; it works as one, and defects in one chakra will often affect other chakras and the entire system (and also layers of aura). You must not limit your awareness, as you employ healing techniques to sense the conditions in the aura and chakras, but must remain open to the entire energy field your patient, instead of remaining too focused on any particular part of the energy field you are working on, any particular energetic phenomenon therein, or upon whatever specific technique you may be using.

  You may be treating, for example, a patient who has energetic defects in his or her 1st layer of aura, which you have sensed are related to a physical disease that is present. These defects in the etheric layer may have actually "filtered down" from defects on the 2nd and 3rd layers, however, defects that themselves may be related to those in the 5th, 7th or other higher layers. Of course, conditions in one or more of the chakras are often intimately involved, too—it can be an involved pattern. This is a very common situation. If, in treating the condition in the 1st layer, you limit your awareness to this "isolated" energetic condition you are treating, or the specific technique you are using, you will not be aware of the intuitive information that would otherwise come to your awareness—information on many related conditions on the higher layers of your patient's aura, related conditions in your patient's chakras, and correlating conditions in the psychology and life experience of your patient. If, however, you remain open in your awareness, allowing intuitive impressions to form in your whole being as you work, you are far more likely to become aware of all related, connected conditions in the aura, chakras, psychology and life of your patient. To maintain this holistic awareness that allows you to be a clear channel for this healing knowledge, from the field of pure consciousness, is crucial to being a successful energy healer. Always seek to be aware of, and respond to, the whole being of your patient.

  It is also important to maintain holistic action, as you employ all of the various healing techniques that you will learn and use. These techniques are not different from yourself; they are not separate tools that exist apart from your use of them. There is ultimately a unity between you, the energy field of your patient, the healing technique you are using and the healing energy itself as each healing is performed. You, your patient's energy field and whatever healing tool you are using are always one. This is required, so you may become a pure channel for the healing power of pure consciousness. Remember this as you learn and practice every healing technique in Chios Levels II and III. If, in using a specific healing technique on a specific part of the energy field, you allow your awareness to contract into this small, particular area of working, you will not be healing your patient with your whole being. You will not be a completely open, clear channel for the healing power of pure consciousness, as it flows through you. You should never become preoccupied with particulars, but should release yourself into an expanded awareness and becoming a pure, open channel for the healing power. This is what provides you the ability to provide genuine spiritual healing to your patient.

  You cultivate this expanded holistic awareness and action through openness. Of all the qualities that you must possess in order to heal effectively, openness is the most important. You must remain open to the healing knowledge and power coming through you, even while sensing or treating one particular area in your patient's energy field. If your awareness and action are limited to one part of the energy field, you are no longer established in a state of unity with your patient nor have the full knowledge and power of the field of pure consciousness available to you. An effective healing treatment is guided by this higher spiritual reality. A complete understanding and awareness of your patient's condition emerges in your whole being, you naturally know what techniques to use, and you use them in the state of openness that makes them maximally effective—it is a beautiful, unitary process. True healing work always begins and ends in this holistic awareness and action that openness brings, and never in technique alone. Always heal your patient from your whole being.

  To get the full knowledge and power available from the field of pure consciousness—the higher spiritual reality that governs all healing and provides the knowledge and power that makes it possible—always maintain the openness that keeps you a wide, pure channel. As you heal, always allow the knowledge and power of this higher realm to be your guide, and not any specific guidelines or techniques. You are about to learn many powerful and effective healing techniques, in Chios Levels II and III, but it is not the techniques themselves that are important. They are designed to assist you in contacting and working with the unlimited knowledge and power of pure consciousness that lies within you, in the ways necessary to provide healing. Energy healing is much more than the sum of the many techniques that can be listed or described in any healing book or website; it is a holistic expression of and contained within this higher realm of pure consciousness. True energy healing is not contained within anything outside yourself; it is found within you.

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