Meditation and Advanced Exercises


Welcome to the study of Chios Meditation. Your decision to learn meditation is a wise one. Chios Meditation is an excellent all-around meditation method and may provide many lifelong benefits to you. It is an important practice for the energy healer as well and leads to many of the abilities necessary in healing.

  Meditation is the practice of pure awareness. Underneath the many experiences, thoughts and actions which comprise our day-to-day life lies a state of pure awareness—a field of pure consciousness—which is the source of all that we are and all that we experience. In our true nature, we are this pure consciousness. Inherent in this field of pure consciousness is unlimited knowledge and power, and it is the source of many higher abilities we always potentially have available within us yet which often lie unnoticed and undeveloped. Through the practice of meditation it is possible to come into greater connection to this state of pure consciousness. Thereby, we do not merely come into greater awareness and knowledge of the true nature of ourselves and everything we experience, but we also access these powers and abilities that ordinarily lie hidden. As we practice the art of energy healing, we are also able to use the knowledge and power of pure consciousness to become much more effective in our healing work.

  The goal of meditation is to cultivate this state of greater awareness and greater connection to this field of pure consciousness, for which meditation is perhaps the fundamental spiritual practice. The practice of meditation does not “take anything away” from our everyday life, but rather, enables us to become aware and act in a more truly complete manner—a manner in full connection with our true selves and the greater reality in which we live. Regular practice of Chios Meditation will provide all these benefits. It is important that you study the specific technique used in this meditation method carefully, however, to ensure that, right from the beginning, you are performing it correctly. You will then develop and enjoy the greater awareness and the abilities that lie within you waiting to be discovered.


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