Healing Level II


   After performing the passing-of-hands and assessing the treatment needs of your patient, the first technique you may wish to employ in order to treat energetic defects in the patient's field is to repair any leaks or tears you have detected.

   Strength and integrity in the auric field layers is a necessity for the energetic health of the patient, and as a foundation for other healing work. Sealing leaks and tears brings back the field integrity and prevents the energy loss and vulnerability of the energy field that would otherwise remain. 

   Sealing of leaks and tears is performed by moving one of your hands over the region where you have detected the leak or tear, in a way very similar to the passing-of-hands. To begin to seal any leaks or tears you have detected in your patient:

   Hold one of your hands over the first leak or tear you wish to seal, in the same general position as during the passing-of-hands (palms about 4 to 5 inches above the body), but with the fingers gently held together, palms open and held flat (instead of relaxed).

   Now slowly move your hand in a gentle back-and-forth or circular motion, over the area where you have detected the leak or tear—you will find that your "felt sense" will often tell you how to move it.  Your hand, while moving, should travel at a speed of about 2 inches per second or so—if it is moved much slower or much faster than this the technique will not be as effective.

Sealing Leaks and Tears

   Whereas you were simply open to sensations, as you moved your hands during the passing-of-hands, you must, when sealing leaks or tears, instead take a more active role. As you move your hands over the leak or tear, you must visualize the leak or tear being repaired as you perform the motion. As you move your hands in sealing a leak, for example, you must intend and sense that the area of the first auric field layer over which the leak is occurring is being sealed shut—that the weakness or thinness of the energy field at that point is being supplemented, resupported and repaired as you move your hand over it. You must sense and become this sealing and repair of the auric energy layer—see the energy, as if in a layer below your hand, repairing the leak or tear in this way. It is the energy in your hand, combined with your visualizing ability, that provides the effectiveness of this technique—your mind's eye directs the energy flowing through your hand to seal the field layer at that point.

   When sealing a tear, you must similarly sense the auric field being fused shut, so that the open gash or rip that was the tear is instead sealed. The energy in your hand, in conjunction with the visualization in your mind's eye, similarly works to repair the damaged area. When sealing either leaks or tears, smooth them over, and meld them, by moving your hand in this manner over them while visualizing them being repaired in this way. Seal them shut with your conscious awareness, so that the field is repaired and integral and energy can no longer escape. To seal a leak or tear in this way generally takes only a moment or two.

   Leaks generally occur on the first layer of aura, commonly near joints, and tears are also often found which only exist in this lowest layer of aura. In these cases, the above-described procedure will suffice. There may be instances, however, where tears in the field are located further out (in higher levels of the aura)—the tear begins on the first layer but then also extends to the second, third or even higher layers. In these cases, you will need to seal the tear on each layer it occurs:

   After sealing the first layer, progressively locate your hands farther out from the body, on each layer the tear occurs, and seal that layer using the proper technique given above. After sealing the first layer with the palm 4 to 5 inches above the body, for example, you may need to move the hand an additional 4 to 5 inches upwards, and seal the next level. You may need to proceed another 4 to 5 inches up to the third level, and then even higher. You will know, from your intuition and by feel, when such tears are present and how high they must be sealed. It is possible for the tear to extend up to any layer of aura, and such tears are commonly found. You must be open to your intuitive guidance, to sense when this is the case, and seal the layers to as high a level as necessary.

   Sealing of leaks and tears is generally performed using only one hand at a time. Although you may choose to use the right hand, at first, with even a little practice both hands can become equally effective at this technique. Sealing of leaks and tears is done with the eyes open. Proceed to seal all leaks and tears that you have detected in your patient's energy field, using this same technique.

   Small tears sometimes occur over chakras. It is not the chakra that is torn (this is a rarer occurrence) but the field layer or layers above the chakra. This is another result of emotional or mental traumas. When this is encountered, the healer must seal the tears as usual.

Maintaining Transparency:

   When sealing leaks and tears, as with all hand techniques taught in this Chios level, it is important at all times to be open and aware of the nature of the energy and the auric field with which you are working, and not to distance yourself from the energy flows. Although the hands are the instrument you use, bear in mind that, with the passing-of-hands, sealing leaks or tears, aura clearing, unblocking chakras, correction of energy flow and even the laying-on-of-hands, you are really using your whole being, through the hands. You must be open, and acting, as an entire self, to the entire field of energy you are addressing, and not just consider that it is the hand alone working with some small area of energy. It is necessary to set aside self-consciousness of the hand, or any particular aspect of your worldly self, and seek to work as a clear channel when practicing the healing techniques or reading your patient. You are practicing the techniques, or reading or viewing your patient's aura with your entire being, using your eyes, hands, etc. This is called transparency. It is important to understand that healing, and all healing techniques, are ultimately performed with the entire being of the healer on the entire being of the patient. Cultivate this quality in yourself, as you learn and practice the specific techniques given in this level.

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