Thought communication, the transmission of impression from a sender to a receiver, is a property inherent in the very nature of universal consciousness. To think and share thoughts without the use of speech is a natural human ability. Present-day human beings "filter out" and reject awareness which is not part of the "individual" identity, however, and this is the reason thought communication is not more commonly experienced. Thought communication can be acquired through practice—a re-training of the awareness that allows the impressions to transfer, as the individual learns to forget to not allow. It is not learning a new skill, but accustoming the mind to discover this ability by learning not to block out the impressions.

  The Self is composed of pure consciousness.  This pure consciousness may be likened to a sea, a sea where impressions are carried by a flowing in and flowing out, carried upon colorless, formless, moving waves. This conduction of impression occurs beyond space and time—it is characterized by a release from time. The impressions are carried, not upon thought waves, but upon waves of release, waves without light, color or form, that wash clear for impression. The idea is to create an opening to impression through a release, a release from time, from the moment, from time and space, and from individuality.

   This is not easy, as the human mind seeks to impose order on the impressions being received, to establish known elements, patterns or shapes. The mind expends effort to "pigeonhole" the impressions, and hence the difficulty.  It is often the case that impressions are easily received, yet it is this filtering function of the mind that can make recognition difficult. At each moment the awareness of each of us receives countless impressions, and filters them into conscious awareness, eliminating many. Each person seeks to recognize the impressions he or she has decided to receive.

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