Healing Level II


   There are some additional techniques in energy healing which you may also add to your treatment repertoire:

Becoming More Aware of Body Energies During the Laying-on-of-Hands:

   As you treat your patient using the various positions during the laying-on-of-hands, it is good to begin to become more aware of the body energies of your patient. Now that you have had the second Chios attunement, your hands are more sensitive to energy flows. You will find that this is true not only during the passing-of-hands but also in the sensations you may have in your hands as you conduct energy into your patient during the various hand positions.

   As you conduct the energy, you may find yourself becoming aware of delicate sensations in your hands, and may also receive intuitive information elaborating on the meaning of what you are experiencing. Irregularities of various kinds, as your patient receives the energy, may give you more information regarding the condition of their energy field. This, like all other methods through which you receive information on the condition of your patient, can assist you in learning and feeling the energies of the body, and guide you in your work. It is good to sense the body energy of your patient in this way during your use of the regular hand positions, and also during the supplementary hand positions detailed below. This will assist you, not only in learning more of each individual patient's condition, but also in developing an overall knowledge of the energies present in the human body.

The Shoulder Position:

   This position is performed while standing at the head of your patient, at the beginning of treatment:

   Place your hands on the shoulders of the patient so that they are between the neck and the outer end of the shoulder. Conduct the energy for several minutes, allowing the energy to transfer, and allow yourself to relax and begin to bond with and sense the body energy of your patient.

   This position may be performed at the beginning of treatment, if you wish to, because it has value in relaxing and creating trust in the patient, and attunes the healer to the patient's body. It is not a necessary position for healing, but assists in this manner. It is a good starting position, especially if you have sensed that your patient is somewhat nervous or if you feel a little difficulty in beginning to bond with and sense the patient's energy field.

Using the Star on the 7th Chakra:

   You may, if you wish, use the Star while treating the 7th chakra, during the normal course of hand positions:

   Visualize the Star while treating the 7th chakra during the regular round of hand positions. The 7th chakra, which corresponds to our total being, is powerfully cleared by using the Star in this way.

   The Star represents a channel between the lower and higher worlds (including, but not limited to, our lower and higher self). To treat the 7th chakra in this way, through the use of the Star as a channel, acts to clear the whole spiritual being and spiritual process of the patient. The energetic nature of the Star is related to the nature of the 7th chakra, and adds to the effectiveness of treating this chakra and connecting the patient to his or her spiritual essence. Clearing it this way is a fine analogy for the whole healing process. This is an effective addition to your healing treatment.


   This position is used to add energy to the aura, and in grounding the patient. It is refreshing and balancing to the patient, and in a sense may be thought of as a simpler version of aura charging, in that energy is added to the aura and the aura is balanced. While aura charging is only required on some patients, however, this position is beneficial to all—especially those who you sense are not fully grounded. Grounding is performed as follows:

   Stand at the foot of your patient, as he or she lies on the healing table. Place your hands so that the chakras in your palms are centered above the minor chakras in the middle of the soles of your patient's feet (your hands will rest on the soles). Now conduct the energy into the patient through the feet, visualizing the energy as coming up from the earth, into your body, and out your hands into the feet of the patient and throughout the patient's body, filling your patient with energy. Sense and visualize a link between your patient and the earth as you do this.

   This is a useful position because it brings extra energy into the aura, tends to balance the two sides of the aura, and creates a healthy link between the patient and the earth. It is particularly useful to employ this position on patients who are "ungrounded," as this procedure also serves to ground the patient to the physical world.

Spine Cleaning:

   There is a central energy channel that runs along the spine—an energy channel that leads the energy through the chakra system. This energy channel is, therefore, a very important part of the body energy system. Cleaning and purifying this energy channel is of benefit to the patient, and this is done through a position known as spine cleaning. Spine cleaning is usually performed at the very end of treatment, with the patient lying face-down. Perform it as follows:

   Place your right palm over the rear component of the 2nd chakra, and your left palm over the rear component of the 5th chakra, and send energy into the patient through both hands. As you are sending the energy, visualize, "see" the energy traveling the spine, in both directions, washing up and down the spine. Each hand's energy travels both up and down from that hand's position, and where the energy meets it does not end, but continues on in both directions, washing and cleansing the central energy channel.

   The spine cleaning is a radiating cleansing of the very important central energy channel, and is an excellent final treatment position.

Ending Treatment:

   End treatment by standing for a moment and visualizing the energy flow stopping. See the energy flow shut down; quiet to stop the flow.Use, then, a very quiet visualization of the Circle to close the passing of the energy. It gives a sense of completion, to return to the starting point, and also pays homage to the circular flow of the universal energy.

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