The healer's ability to obtain psychic information and guidance may be used to explore the healer's own personality issues, especially as they relate to healing practice. In the exercise that follows, this is done through an intuitive reading, using the Orange-Red Ball:

   Perform an intuitive reading on yourself by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and visualizing the round orange-red ball, as you do when you meditate, but at the same time formulate a question about yourself in your mind. The question might be, for example: What is my greatest strength as a healer? Localize your awareness on the ball and on the question simultaneously for a few seconds and then release into the receptive phase, let go of the ball and the question, allowing whatever pictures, sounds or feelings come up to effortlessly emerge on the screen of your mind, without your thinking or judgment interfering with them, using all your experience with intuitive reading as a guide. Repeat with other questions, such as: What is my greatest weakness as a healer? How can I best improve my healing work? 

   If you are involved in teaching healing to others, you might also ask: What is my greatest strength as a healing teacher?  What is my greatest weakness as a healing teacher? How can I best improve my teaching work?

   You may use other questions, as well: What is the main issue in my life right now?  What is my greatest strength related to this issue?  What is my greatest weakness related to this issue? What is my best course of action with regard to this issue?  How does this issue relate to what I am experiencing in my teaching and healing work?  What assumptions about reality and about myself are involved?  Explore yourself by formulating your own questions. The round orange-red ball assists in expanding your intuitive power. If you give this process a try, you may be amazed at the appropriateness and usefulness of the information you are provided.

©1994 - 2011 Stephen H. Barrett