Healing Level II


   If you wish, you may begin to incorporate the use of light in your energy healing treatments. This is an optional addition—there are healers who do not use light but who nevertheless give very beneficial treatments. It is possible, however that you have already had the urge to use light. You may have even begun "seeing" the light as you have channeled the energy. If you feel it is natural for you to use light—if you feel an affinity for it—it is very beneficial for you to begin to use it in your treatments:

   Begin by visualizing a cloud of light below your hands as you perform the usual chakra positions. The light may appear to your mind's eye either as a pale white, or a pale light bluish-white light. Use whichever of these seems natural to you. See the light not as coming from the hands, but as a layer of light around your hands and a illuminated cloud of light below your palms, gently penetrating into the body of your patient. This will require proper visualization, seeing in your mind's eye the pale light around and below your hands in this way, as you allow the energy to conduct. To visualize the light in this way adds to your power and ability to transfer energy in a beneficial way. Be sure to remain open to conducting the energy as you visualize the light—do both as one act.

   You may use the light for other things, as well, if you feel comfortable doing so. Instead of seeing the light at each normal chakra position, you may begin by using the light while correcting certain energetic defects in the aura and chakras. To do so will lend greater effectiveness to the techniques you employ.

   To seal leaks or tears using the light, for example, perform the technique as usual, but also visualize a brilliant layer of light just below your open palm, fusing shut and sealing the break as you move the hand over the damaged area of the field—like a surgeon using a laser.

   To treat blocked chakras using the light, perform the unblocking technique as usual, but also visualize the cloud of light below your palms and at the same time visualize the appropriate symbol composed of the light. See the light also, as the energy flow into and upwards through the chakra, as it becomes unblocked. See the light as the energy that would flow through a clear chakra, and visualize the chakra clearing in this way. To use the light in this way while seeking to unblock the chakra will increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

   To correct disturbances in energy flow using the light, visualize the light flowing smoothly through the body, removing energy irregularities, while visualizing the Star composed of the light. See the light as the energy flow of the body, flowing smoothly and harmoniously. Should the disturbance in energy flow be in a local area, focus your visualization of the light into that area in particular, seeing the light as the energy flow of that area being restored to its proper, smooth flow.

   You may find it easier to close your eyes, as you first learn to visualize the light in these ways as you lay on the hands and employ the various techniques, but after a little practice you should be able to keep your eyes open while using the light. Note that the use of light is not necessary during aura charging or when removing auric energy impurities.

   You may use light visualizations at your discretion in your regular healing treatments. You may wish to use it at every chakra position, or save it for application during correction of energetic defects in trouble areas of the patient's field. You may wish to employ it regularly at certain places, during spine cleaning, for example, where you may visualize the light washing through the spine. It is also especially beneficial and important to use light over diseased areas and affected chakras, as per suggestions given in the section describing disease treatments.

   Using the light adds to the effectiveness of your conduction of the energy and to your correction of energetic defects. This is because the light can be thought of as a more refined form of the energy. As you visualize the light it has the effect of directing the energy—even more so than just visualizing the energy alone. When you visualize the light fusing shut a tear in the patient's auric field, for example, the energy is powerfully directed in this manner to heal the break. Do not consider the light and the energy as separate entities—consider them as the same. The energy and the light are ultimately one. 

   Practice in viewing the chakra colors, viewing the aura, and using light in your healing work are excellent preparations for Chios Level III, should this be your interest.

©1994 - 2011 Stephen H. Barrett