Healing Level III


After charging all of the chakras in your patient’s chakra system that require it, you should next proceed to treat any unbalanced chakras that you have identified. Unbalanced chakras are in need of having their activity level either lowered or raised so that their activity level becomes equal to, and balanced with, that of the other chakras in the chakra system. You will use the Chios Chakra System Rebalancing technique for this purpose.

  Once chakras are in an adequately charged state, with their native energy strong and pure, their activity level can be changed by adding colors to them that are either lower or higher than their own native true color. The seven colors of the chakra system are akin to seven energy levels—from red to violet—and each color has the nature of a successively higher level of vibration. Adding a color to a chakra that is lower than the chakra’s own true color—a color with a lower rate of vibration—quiets the activity level of the chakra, thus lowering it. Adding a color to a chakra that is higher than the chakra’s own true color—a color with a higher rate of vibration—stimulates the activity level of the chakra, thus raising it. By rebalancing whichever chakras are contributing to a pattern of imbalance, the chakra system is returned to a level and balanced condition. Rebalancing a chakra works with the chakra only—it does not directly affect the layers of aura nor will you treat the aura layers at the same time you treat the chakra, as you did with chakra charging. A balanced chakra system, however, has a far healthier and more harmonious influence on the higher aura layers and the entire energy field and life of your patient than does one with a significant pattern of imbalance.

  To rebalance the chakras in your patient that require it, you may again begin at the highest or lowest chakra in need. Often the lowest chakra in need is the best chakra to rebalance first, but to begin at a higher one (especially if you receive intuitive information suggesting doing so) is not wrong, and your individual preference or varying needs and conditions within your patient may make this preferable in some cases.


  This very powerful technique is covered completely in the Chios textbook Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field, which includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions of this complex technique, along with a full series of illustrations detailing every step. The book is available on Amazon by clicking on the link.

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