In your practice of meditation, energy field healing or other spiritual practices you may have come to experience higher consciousness and a sense of the higher reality. This higher reality has been called the Self. It is the expansion of awareness, beyond the limited emotions, thoughts and perceptions which our individual egos become preoccupied with, that is the foundation of spiritual growth. The unbounded, universal Self ultimately unites the individual pure self, all other selves and the entire creation.  It is a field of pure consciousness, and may be experienced as a state of pure awareness that transcends all the limited forms in the manifested universe with which we might otherwise identify our awareness.

   The advanced exercises in the remainder of this section are designed to assist you in moving toward this expanded awareness. These exercises are: 1) Empathic Perception; 2) Thought Communication (telepathy), and 3) Advanced Meditation. Each of the exercises, although different from the others, is linked with the others and shares the common goal of expanding your awareness into the universal Self from its own particular method. To work towards expanding awareness in more than one way enhances and balances the process. The advanced exercises work together to create a perspective of this universal awareness, and in this sense are actually one.

   Try to approach each advanced technique while letting go of all expectations and try not to "pre-think" or "pre-guess" what the outcome might be.   Approach the exercises with complete innocence.  If you find yourself "preparing" yourself, in any way, either one minute or one day prior to a time when an exercise will be performed, let go of your thought, set it aside, saying to yourself that the exercise will take care of itself when the time comes.  It is important to "let go" and allow the awareness these exercises foster—an awareness different from the usual daily experience—to form.

   When performing the exercises, trust your impressions.  During the exercises and meditations, impressions and experiences form at the deeper levels, at the roots of the mind—you may be experiencing more than your conscious mind is fully aware of.  The conscious mind is but a small window in the scope of awareness, and true growth of awareness proceeds not only at the level of the conscious mind, but at each deeper level of awareness as well.  Each level of awareness expands.  Open yourself to the wider field of being—cast aside doubt and give yourself over to the universal.

   A degree of faith is very beneficial in this process. Try not to allow doubt, self-consciousness or the "thinking mind" interfere with your learning and practice of these advanced exercises.  You may have already begun to develop the ability to do this during your meditation, intuitive or healing practices. After an exercise has been performed, allow yourself to integrate whatever you have experienced with your entire being, and do not attach yourself to the necessity to analyze or judge your experiences. Use your sense of expanded awareness to feel the effects and perceptions of the exercises.  The effects may at first seem to be subtle, due to the fact that your conscious mind is not fully aware of the perceptions and the effects of the exercises you will perform.

©1994 - 2011 Stephen H. Barrett