In your practice of meditation, energy field healing or other spiritual practices you may have come to experience higher consciousness and a sense of the higher reality. This higher reality has been called the Self. It is the expansion of awareness, beyond the limited emotions, thoughts and perceptions which our individual egos become preoccupied with, that is the foundation of spiritual growth. The unbounded, universal Self ultimately unites the individual pure self, all other selves and the entire creation.  It is a field of pure consciousness, and may be experienced as a state of pure awareness that transcends all the limited forms in the manifested universe with which we might otherwise identify our awareness.

   The advanced exercises in the remainder of this section are designed to assist you in moving toward this expanded awareness. These exercises are: 1) Empathic Perception; 2) Thought Communication (telepathy), and 3) Advanced Meditation. Each of the exercises, although different from the others, is linked with the others and shares the common goal of expanding your awareness into the universal Self from its own particular method. To work towards expanding awareness in more than one way enhances and balances the process. The advanced exercises work together to create a perspective of this universal awareness, and in this sense are actually one.

  This discussion of self-realization, and the three very powerful techniques included to foster it, is covered completely in the Chios textbook Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field, which includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions. The book is available on Amazon by clicking on the link.

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