Healing Level I


   There are certain situations in energy healing which require you to take precautions or special measures to increase the safety and effectiveness of your treatments. Most often this occurs when disease is present in the patient. It is wise to ask every patient, prior to treatment, if there is any physical condition or disease present that you should know about, or if they are under a doctor's care for any specific condition. Always include the following precautions or special procedures, when appropriate:

Heart Disease: When treating a person with mild heart disease, proceed as usual. For a person who is on medication for heart disease, treat the heart chakra last. If the person has heart disease in an advanced stage, treat the heart chakra last, and for an extended period of time (up to half an hour in some cases).

Diabetes: Always treat diabetics from the lower chakras upwards (start at the lowest chakra you usually treat, the 2nd chakra, when treating the front of the body, and move upwards, as you usually do in the back).

Neurological Diseases: Treat from the lower chakras up, as with diabetics, above.

Burns: When the hands may not be placed on the body, as with burned areas, the hands may instead be placed a few inches, up to 3 to 5 inches, above the burned area, and the energy will still transfer to the patient in good quantity, although it will not be quite as effective.

Diseases of the Internal Organs: Treat as usual, but spend extra time on the chakra(s) nearest the affected organ(s).

Mental Disorders: It is impossible to predict the effect of treatment. You must proceed with caution. Treat the person for a short time, one-half or one-third of the normal treatment time per chakra, and note any effects. Proceed carefully.

Cancer: No special precautions are required, but place your hands directly over the diseased area, or as close as you can, for an extended period (up to half an hour). It is beneficial to, instead of keeping the hands in a static position, vary the position of the hands around the affected area during treatment.

Pregnancy: Pregnant women must always lie on their side for treatment. You may alter the usual hand positions in such a way that you treat both components of the fourth, third and second chakras at the same time, if you wish. If you do so, center your right palm over the front component, and your left palm over the rear component.

Colds and Flu: For persons suffering from colds, passing viral illnesses, etc., you may give frequent treatments, but of shorter duration, one-half or one-third of the usual time on each chakra position. These short treatments are a tonic to the sufferer, but a longer treatment tends to tire the body.

AIDS: Special considerations are not necessary, but after you have gained considerable experience with energy transfer, you may try the following advanced exercise:  seek to impart a stillness in the energy of your hands, rather than an energizing force. Feel the stillness in yourself, and pass this on, as the energy, through your hands.

Broken Bones, Sprains or Traumatized Areas: Place your hands directly over the afflicted area in addition to normal treatment.

Children: Treat children for one-half to one-third the usual amount of time at each chakra position. Children should not receive more than one treatment every 8 or 9 days, also.

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