Healing Level II

(Using Symbols to Call In Extra Energy)

A good first step in learning to give more powerful and effective healing treatments is to learn to call in greater amounts of healing energy into yourself. In fact, the effective use of most of the healing tools you will learn in Chios Level II also requires that you have the ability to call in this greater amount of energy for use in healing.

   In the first Chios level you learned how to call in the energy by "seeing," in your mind's eye, the energy flowing into you from all around, down your arms and into your hands and then conducting into your patient. In this level, you will also use healing symbols, which are tools—vehicles for the focus of energy. Your first important use of healing symbols will be to employ them to greatly add to the amount of energy you call in and channel into your patient. It is possible to call in and channel the energy without using symbols, as you already have done, but your use of symbols will add much to the quantity and power of the energy you are able to bring in and channel. The symbols will have other uses that you will learn, too, such as clearing blocked chakras.

   There are three symbols used in this level of the Chios system: the Circle, the Trine, and the Star. These symbols are simple and elementary, it is true, but they are also closely related to the elementary essence of all existence—they are simple and close to the essence and this gives them the potential to be powerful and effective. Humanity has had an instinctive understanding of the powers that move in the physical world, the essence of the powers that make existence possible, the powers that build form and give shape to all we know. This instinctive understanding recognizes the shape of these powers, and in the mind's eye these symbols take shape as representative of the most fundamental and important aspects of the creative power of the field of pure consciousness.

   These symbols are not merely physical shapes; they are universal symbols that correspond to universal patterns of energy and awareness. There is, in each symbol, an essence linked to the shape. They are, in their essence, representations of the ways in which energy and awareness flows in our manifested world, and are therefore useful in healing work. Do not think that because these Chios symbols are simple they cannot be powerful. At various times in the past, humanity has been much more aware of the power and uses of simple symbols than we are today, in our modern technological civilization, where it is often mistakenly assumed that something must be complex to be powerful. These three symbols have been known and used as symbols of power in virtually every culture on earth, and in the magical tradition as well. While there are other symbols that have been used in healing work, these particular symbols are as powerful, and potentially more powerful, than any.

   It may interest you to have some idea of the meaning and the essence behind each of these symbols—indicative of the energy patterns they represent—and this is given below. Do not be bound by these descriptions, however, because a true understanding of the essence of these symbols transcends description. The description is only an approximation of an essence to each symbol that is beyond words or ideas. It is important, therefore, not to think of any meaning when using these symbols, but just to be aware of the symbol itself. The true meaning and power is inherent in each symbol.

The Circle:

The Circle, which is the outline of a circle (not filled in), is the symbol of wholeness, unending life force, and the unity of creation—the beginning and end of all things. It attunes with the all. It is complete, and draws together and encompasses all that is. It also represents duality, inside and outside, but shows, in its completeness, that apparent duality resolves itself in unity, in one being. This is the pattern of energy and awareness inherent in the shape of the Circle.

The Circle

  In healing, one often works with separated (polar) energies—energies not completely connected or harmonious. The Circle not only calls forth polar energies; it pulls them together and resolves them. You will shortly learn to use the Circle (in combination with the Trine) to call in a greater amounts of the energy, at the beginning of treatments. When calling in the energy using these two symbols, the Circle is used first, to draw life energy from the earth and all around, using the body life force to receive the universal life energy, the two energies meeting. It uses the energy that is already in the body to receive the energy that exists all around. It assists you the healer in opening yourself to, and in bringing in, the energy.

   The Circle creates an opening of the spirit, a balanced harmony between the spirit and the earth.

The Trine:

The Trine, which is the outline of an equilateral triangle (not filled in), is the symbol of penetration to higher levels of existence. It increases the rate of vibration of the energy and the vibrational level of your awareness, and awakens the mind to the higher levels. It points upward and connects this world to the higher worlds. This is the pattern of energy and awareness inherent in the shape of the Trine.

The Trine

  Its three sides correspond to the many trinities in spiritual systems, but especially as a symbol of the passing, from one to the other, between incarnation and discarnate life (the base points of the Trine), with the goal of spiritual growth and rising above the world towards a state of self-realization and spiritual liberation. As a symbol of this ascension, it represents a heightened and broadened awareness, and a refined perception: an ascension to a higher level of reality.

   When the Trine is used at the beginning of healing treatments, it takes the universal life energy that has been brought in, by the Circle, and moves it upwards towards higher vibrational levels—it raises the energy to a higher rate of vibration. This lends a more powerful and purifying effect to the healing energy, and also increases your sensitivity to the energy.

   The Trine leads the spirit towards growth; it is an elevation of the personal spirit as it relates to this existence, a rising from the earth.

The Star:

The Star, a regular five pointed star filled in to a solid shape, is a channel for energy between our physical world and the field of pure consciousness which is the spiritual source and essence of all creation. It is different from the Trine, but can be thought of as the Trine symbol focused and combined with this earth (trine shapes spaced around a circular outline). The Star has five points pointing in, and five pointing out, indicative of this use as a channel for energy between this world and the higher spiritual reality. This is the pattern of energy and awareness inherent in the shape of the Star.

The Star

  One way the Star is used in Chios is to draw and focus energy from the higher level into this physical world: to tap the healing power inherent in pure consciousness and channel it down into the physical body to correct major distortions in energy flow which would otherwise be very difficult to correct. The Star is also very effective when used to treat the 7th chakra. The Star (as a channel between our worldly life and the realm of pure consciousness) has a close correspondence with the nature of the 7th chakra (our spiritual totality—the total relationship we have between the world of spirit and our material existence). The energetic pattern inherent in the Star conforms with the spiritual nature of the 7th chakra, and so the 7th chakra can be powerfully cleared and energized through use of the Star.

  The Star is beyond the earth—it is where there is no beginning and no end, to a broader existence, not even existence, beyond existence. As we all exist on this earth now, we also exist above. As you might stand on the shore and watch the waves on the ocean, feeling a stirring within, the Star calls forth the beyond and all times. It is our higher self, the totality of our being. The Star is a channel to a realm beyond time and space. It is the light above us, and in us, and leads to an understanding of eternity.

Using Visualization to Direct Energy:

The ability of these three Chios symbols to direct energy is activated by visualizing them. Visualization is a very useful tool in healing, because it enables you to direct energy in many different ways. "Energy follows thought" is a well-known maxim, and the meaning of this saying is that the proper visualization of energy flow, in your mind's eye, is sufficient to direct the energy in whatever manner you desire. This may be done by visualizing the flow of the energy itself, in whatever pattern desired, or through other methods—the use of symbols which represent patterns of energy flow being an important example. When you visualize a pattern of energy flow, in your mind's eye, the energy is activated to flow in that manner. When you visualize a symbol in your mind's eye, the nature of energy flow that is contained in the essence of that symbol is activated, and the energy flows according to that nature. Both of these uses of visualization are important and will be used in Chios Level II.

  In order to make effective use of this ability to direct energy through visualization, however, you must visualize in the proper way. When you visualize an energy flow, for example, it is important to understand that visualization is not the same as "thinking about" the desired energy flow, or "pretending to see" the energy flow, but is a process of sensing and becoming the energy flow, in your mind's eye. Visualizing in the proper way, by sensing and becoming the desired energy flow, allows you to become a pure channel for the healing power of pure consciousness, which is what actually directs the energy in the manner visualized and cause it to heal the energy field of your patient in the manner required. When you visualize a symbol, it is similarly important that you sense and become one with the symbol, and not merely "think about" or "pretend to see" it. This proper visualization of the symbol is what activates the inner essence, the inherent power of the symbol from the field of pure consciousness, and sets the energy flow into motion according to the pattern of energy flow that the symbol represents. Visualization is the process of maintaining a particular symbol or a pattern of energy flow in your awareness, in a complete and effortless way. It must be effortless, because you are creating a pure channel in yourself—effort is an imposition of your mind, and clouds the real power which flows through you. This is this proper practice of visualization: an effortless sensing and becoming. You are the flow of energy. You are the symbol. In visualization, as with every healing tool you will learn in Chios, the power ultimately comes from the connection to pure consciousness that lies within you.

  In Chios, you will learn techniques that will often require you to visualize a desired flow or pattern of energy, a symbol, or even both at the same time. Every technique that you will learn and use to heal the various defects that you will encounter in the energy field of your patients will require you to use your visualization ability in some way. Every time you will need to use visualization in this correct manner, during Chios Levels II and III, we will specify that you "visualize, sense and become" whatever is required, so you become a pure channel for healing power, in whatever form you need it, to heal.

  You began to use your visualization ability in Chios Level I when you learned to call in the energy at the beginning of treatment—you began to see, in your mind's eye, the energy flowing into you, conducting through you, and then into your patient. Now you will employ your power of visualization to add the visualization of two Chios symbols—the Circle and the Trine—to more powerfully bring in and raise the vibrational rate of the energy so that you can channel a greater quantity and quality of energy into your patient. It is your natural ability to call in the energy and refine it, in this way. Your visualization of the energy coming into you, and the visualization of the symbols, merely activates this ability.

  If you have begun to learn the practice of Chios Meditation, you will have a good understanding of the process of visualization already, and your experience of it through your meditation practice will be of great benefit to you in your use of these symbols and the various other healing techniques in this level. If you have not yet studied Chios Meditation, that's fine. The following exercise will give you some practice in this correct method of visualization, by visualizing the Chios symbols:

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and seek a calmness, a quietness in your mind. Now imagine, in your mind, the Circle. Now, do not merely think about, or pretend to see the Circle, but begin to feel its circular shape with your mind. Ask yourself, how does it feel to be that shape? Feel that you are the Circle, and should other feelings or thoughts come up, simply drop them—allow them to become unimportant as you just return your focus of awareness to sensing only the circular shape of the Circle alone.

Seek to merge with the Circle, feel your entire being sensing, moving into and becoming one with the Circle. If you find yourself thinking about the Circle, stop thinking and just be it. If you find yourself pretending to see the Circle, release the visual portion of your awareness of it—the portion of your awareness that "sees" it as if you were using your eyes—and just become it. Do not think about or pretend to see the Circle. Be the Circle. Sense it effortlessly.

Continue sensing yourself as the Circle for a moment, then end the exercise by stopping your sensing of the Circle and resting for a moment, with your eyes closed.

Repeat this exercise with the other two Chios symbols to gain a sense of them, also. The Trine is sensed in its outline shape, but the Star is sensed more as a solid (filled in) object, with its points.

Calling in the Energy Using Visualization of Symbols:

You are now ready to call in the energy using the Circle and the Trine. In visualizing the energy begin to flow into you, and in visualizing these symbols in order to increase and refine its flow, be sure to remember that your visualizations must be done effortlessly, and with a release to the energy. To call in the energy using visualization of these symbols, follow this procedure:

Stand by yourself for a moment, eyes closed, and visualize the energy beginning to flow into you. Really see and feel it coming into you from all around, coursing through your body, through your shoulders and arms and down to your hands. Feel it begin to collect in your hands. Visualize this energy flowing into you—not by thinking or pretending to see—but now by effortlessly sensing and becoming this energy flow, in your mind's eye.

Now, visualize, sense and become the Circle. Sense yourself as the Circle, and then feel the Circle as being composed of a white light, brought to a dazzling, flaring brightness of light, and held in the mind for about 10 seconds, and then dimmed. Bring the Circle to brightness in this way for two additional times, for a total of three times, and then dimmed.

Visualize, sense and become the Trine. Sense yourself as the Trine, and then feel the Trine brought to a dazzling, flaring brightness, held in the mind for about 10 seconds, and then dimmed. Bring the Trine to brightness in this way for two additional times, for a total of three times, then dimmed.

Now visualize, sense and become the Circle again, brought to a final, single, quieting brightness, unlike a flare, a brightness that is held in your mind for about 10 seconds, and then swells and fills out into you, a warm light suffusing into your entire body.

  You will sense the greater energy as a stimulating feeling in your body and hands. The harnessing of the energy provides a sensation in the body similar to what you experience when feeling strong emotions—you should feel a definite tingling and some degree of heat, in your hands, now that you've learned to call in greater amounts of the energy and raise its vibrational rate. Note that the Star is never used at the beginning of treatment when calling in the energy.

  You have now opened yourself up to channel much larger amounts of the energy into your patient, and will also experience more power in performing the many healing tools you will learn in Chios Level II. From now on, begin your healing treatments by calling in the energy using visualization of symbols, using the steps above.

©1994 - 2011 Stephen H. Barrett