Healing Level III


   It is usual for a patient to be treated by the energy healer in person—in the healer's physical presence, with the use of the healer's hands on and above the body—to assist in conducting the energy, color and light. It is desirable for the healer to be in the presence of the patient so that an examination of the patient's energy field may be more directly conducted and all conditions requiring treatment may be directly treated.

   The ability of the healer to sense the energy field of the patient, and defects therein, through "psychic sight," is not limited by distance, however, nor is the healer's ability to channel energy, color and light. Although an "in-person" energy healing treatment is usually somewhat more powerful and comprehensive, is possible for the healer to give a very effective and beneficial distance healing treatment to a patient in a remote location—even thousands of miles away. There will be times when it becomes necessary for the healer to treat a patient at a distance—with certain patients who are often at remote locations, for example, and cannot come for an in-person treatment. Patients with serious illnesses, also, often require distance healing, for frequently the serious illnesses that they suffer from require treatment every day or every few days, and these patients sometimes cannot come to the healer in person at these short intervals.

   Most of the healing techniques that you have practiced with direct patient contact, during Chios Level II and Chios Level III, may also be employed at a distance. The healer generally only performs distance healing, however, on a patient that has been seen in person previously: a patient that has, at least once, been examined and treated by the healer "hands-on." This is because the healer finds it much easier to "tune in" to the patient, having seen, examined and placed the hands upon the patient before.

   Distance healing treatments are conducted in a manner very similar to in-person treatments, with just a few simple changes—changes that are necessary because the hands cannot be used.

   Begin by finding a quiet, private location where you will not be disturbed, and then seat yourself comfortably and close your eyes. Proceed to call in the energy using the symbols, as is usually done before a treatment.

   Now begin to "tune in" to the patient. Let all considerations and thoughts drop away as you begin to become aware of only your patient. Use your intuitive and visualization ability to look for some of the same conditions in your patient's energy field that you normally would look for at the beginning of treatment: check for leaks and tears in the patient's field (including tears that extend through more than one layer of aura), for blocked chakras (and for chakras which seem in special need of treatment) and for disturbances in energy flow (you will need to sense this visually, of course, but also with your "felt sense" and/or guidance). It is not necessary to look for auric energy impurities in the patient, for these cannot be treated at a distance, because the aura clearing technique requires the use of the hands to be effective. Nor is it necessary to look for energy depletion, because aura charging similarly requires the physical presence of the healer to be done consistently and effectively. Using the Chios technique for raising your vibratory level, also begin to gain a visualization of the condition of the higher aura levels of the patient. Begin the process of becoming aware of the condition of all the aura layers, at a deep level, and visualizing and sensing them corrected and restored. Continue throughout treatment.

   After conducting this preliminary examination, begin to treat the patient using the pale white or bluish-white light, while maintaining a state of quiet focus on the patient and the area that is being treated. To seal leaks and tears, visualize the light fusing shut the break, as you would normally do, yet without using your hands or imagining them over the break. Disturbances in energy flow can be corrected by visualizing the Star, composed of the light, while employing a light visualization of a smooth harmonious flow—without the use or imagined use of the hands upon the crown of the head, as would usually be employed. Treat the chakras with light, also, but do not imagine your hands on the patient. Instead, treat the chakras with the light by visualizing the light surrounding the chakra. It is not always necessary to treat all the chakras in distance healing, and it is not necessarily desirable to do so, either. It is better to focus only upon those chakras which you sense really need treatment. When treating blocked chakras, visualize the appropriate symbol, composed of the light, while also visualizing the light surrounding the chakra and seeing and intending that the upward flow of energy be cleared.

   After treating needed areas with the light, perform a visualization of the chakra system (the body profile), determining which chakras are in need of charging or rebalancing, in exactly the same way you have done with the patient physically present. Proceed to charge whichever chakras require it, using a visualization of the appropriate symbol in color and a cloud of that color surrounding that chakra of the patient, as you would normally do, but without using or imagining the use of the hands. Note that since you are not using the hands, there will not be higher auric levels to treat during the charging. Check your progress, during charging, using visualization of the chakra system.

   Should your patient's chakra system exhibit a pattern of imbalance, adjust the activity level of whichever chakras require it, by using higher or lower colors—see the symbol related to that chakra in the appropriate higher or lower colors while also seeing a cloud of that color surrounding the chakra and intending and sensing that its activity level be suitably altered, in the exact same way you would normally do, but without using or imagining the use of the hands. Check your progress intuitively, using a visualization of the patient's chakra system, until you sense the chakras are in balance.

   Although you are not physically present with the patient, your empathic sense of chakras which may have structural energetic defects and require treatment with the radiatory method can still provide this needed information. Psychic information or guidance may also be offered to inform you of chakras requiring treatment in this manner. Treat any of these chakras using the radiatory method, by focusing your entire being on becoming one with the chakra to be treated in the exact same manner as has been described, yet without using or imagining the use of the hands. Note that again, as in charging chakras at a distance, the higher aura levels will not be treated. Continue radiatory treatment of the chakras that require it for as long as you feel it is necessary. It may be 5 minutes or more, for some chakras.

   If you sense that your patient requires healing of the 7th layer of aura, the seventh layer focal healing technique may also be performed at a distance. Carefully observe the 7th layer, with your psychic sight, and note damaged spots, zones and areas which require treatment. Perform a preliminary visualization of these areas, as is usually done, sensing and becoming each of them and seeing them restored. Then perform the seventh layer focal healing technique on each area, in succession, visualizing the stream of light and using the same practice as has been detailed before, but instead of using or imagining the use of the hand, sense the hand as a focal point, the point where the light diffuses and then proceeds outward to the 7th layer. This is not the same as visualizing or imagining the hand, but rather the "hand" is felt as a presence—this is a subtle yet important difference, and one that is necessary to perform seventh layer focal healing correctly at a distance.

   After treating the patient with the techniques above, it is important to treat any diseased areas or conditions, as necessary. Often the healer will give a distance treatment to a patient who has been seen before and whose condition will already be known—a patient with an existing disease condition. It is also possible that the healer will detect a disease condition in the patient, through the reception of psychic information or guidance to this effect. Should the patient have a serious illness—either one previously known of or a condition that has been detected—it is important to additionally incorporate whatever disease-specific energy, color and light procedures are indicated. The second portion of this manual contains detailed treatment recommendations and techniques for various forms of illness, and nearly all can also be performed at a distance, using the basic guidelines given above. The hands are not used, nor imagined on the patient's body, yet the light is used in the same way as detailed in the various specific procedures that are given. 

   After you sense that all conditions in the patient that require treatment that day have been addressed, end treatment in the usual way, with a quiet visualization of the Circle.

   Although the general order of treatment given above is often beneficial, and is the same order of technique which you have used to learn the various Chios healing techniques, it will often be beneficial to your patient to "break free" from this order, when giving a distance healing treatment, and instead employ these various tools in whichever order you sense is best. It is also important, when giving distance healing treatments, to concentrate on and treat only those aspects of your patient's energy field that really need it—distance treatments are somewhat less focused and powerful than treatments given in person, and it is wise to use the time and energy available to treat the most significant and serious conditions in the patient, thereby doing the patient the most good with the resources available.

   The giving of a complete distance healing treatment, using the Chios Level III techniques, is a powerful tool for the practicing healer. Often it is beneficial to treat a patient often, twice or three times a week or more, without having to physically see the patient that often, although physical visits should not be completely discontinued, if possible. Seriously ill patients, who might otherwise not be available two, three or more times a week, will often need and benefit from distance treatments.

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