Healing Level III


You will usually treat your patients in person—in your physical presence—using your hands on and above your patient’s body to channel energy, color and light as you practice the many Chios® techniques you have learned. It is desirable to give healing treatments in person whenever possible because you are able to more directly and completely examine the condition of the energy field of your patient and more directly and powerfully treat whatever energetic defects you find within it.

  Your ability to sense the energy field of your patient and effectively treat many of the energetic defects in it is not limited by distance, however. Although an in-person treatment is usually somewhat more powerful and comprehensive, is possible for you to give a very effective and beneficial healing treatment to a patient in a remote location, even thousands of miles away. There will be times when it will necessary for you to treat a patient at a distance—with certain patients who are often at remote locations, for example, and cannot come for an in-person treatment. Patients with serious illnesses also often require distance treatment, for frequently the serious illnesses that they suffer from require treatment every day or every few days, and yet these patients will sometimes be unable to physically travel to you at these frequent intervals.

  Most of the healing techniques that you have practiced with in-person healing treatments during your study of Chios® Levels II and III may also be employed at a distance. It is recommended, however, that you only perform distance healing on a patient that you have treated in person previously—a patient that you have, at least once, examined and treated “hands-on.”  This is because you will find it much easier to “tune in” to your patient’s energy field and channel color and light to the parts of it requiring treatment if you have been in your patient’s physical presence, and placed your hands upon his or her body, at least once before.


    This very powerful technique is covered completely in the Chios textbook Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field, which includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions for this complex technique. The book is available on Amazon by clicking on the link.

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