Healing Level III

Healing Level III

Welcome to the Chios Level III. This level contains some very advanced, powerful and extraordinary energy healing techniques that will make available to you the full power of Chios and lead you towards mastery of energy healing.

  As you begin your study of this level, you may choose to receive the third Chios attunement (the Chios Master Teacher attunement). As with Chios Levels I and II, it is not required that you receive this attunement, should you wish to learn and practice the techniques in this level, but the attunement will assist you in practicing them to maximum effectiveness. This third attunement elevates your energy, color and light channeling abilities to the highest level provided by the series of three Chios attunements. It also accomplishes one other purpose: it gives you the inner ability to attune others. You will be able to perform the attunement procedures used in the Chios system—the attunements you yourself have received—to attune and teach your own healing students, if you wish. These attunements may be given in person or by distance attunement, and you will be given the information on exactly how to perform the attunements upon your completion of the Chios Master Teacher degree. Because this third attunement is the strongest attunement of all, and the attunement that gives you the ability to attune others, it is of great importance that you prepare very carefully for it.

  One highly recommended adjunct to Chios Level III is the practice of the Chios Meditation technique. To learn Chios Meditation is not at all required, to practice all the new healing techniques in this level. It will assist you, however, in learning to contact the state of pure consciousness—the source of all your healing knowledge and healing power—and in acquiring the visualization, perceptual, intuitive and other abilities that are so beneficial for your successful practice of energy healing. It is impossible to overemphasize the benefits to you and your healing work that regular practice of this meditation practice will bring. After you have learned Chios Meditation, it is also suggested that you practice the self-realization exercises in the chapter that follows the meditation instructions: The Self-Knowledge of the Healer. These exercises will accelerate your personal growth and further add to the advanced abilities useful in healing work. That is why meditation and these advanced exercises are provided as part of the Chios system.


In Chios Levels I and II we talked a great deal about openness, and this openness came in many forms: 1) simply being open to the energy as you first learned energy channeling; 2) being open to whatever sensations and information comes, as you practice the passing of hands; 3) remaining open to the entire energy field of your patient; 4) releasing yourself and being fully open to receiving intuitive information; 5) openness as the key to learning to view the aura; 5) remaining open to the sensations and information that comes, during energy channeling; 7) remaining open and transparent while using specific active healing techniques, and 8) becoming open to the chakra colors and the information they bring. Every time we mentioned this openness, it was to encourage you to develop the holistic awareness and action so important in healing, and to reinforce the fact that every aspect of your healing work is performed with your whole being. The knowledge and power contained in the field of pure consciousness is the ultimate source of all healing, and it is you, as an open and clear channel to this higher realm, that makes your healing work possible, whether you are using receptive (perceptual and informational) healing tools to gain healing knowledge or active healing techniques to channel the healing power in the specific ways needed. Every single healing technique you employ is simply a tool to make this connection clearer and more effective, in the specific way needed at that time, as you bring this healing knowledge and power into manifested worldly life to heal your patient.

  We also talked much about the fact that ultimately you, your patient, your patient's energy field (and every energy flow or energetic phenomenon within it) and every healing tool you use are ultimately one. This ultimate unity is not just the reality of energy healing, but of all existence. In the apparent multiplicity of the manifested world we live in, there is actually only one thing that exists. There is only one unitary, holistic entity behind everything, and that is pure consciousness. It may appear to us that the specific "parts" of the universe—the objects and entities we see in the world—have a "separate" existence, but this is only an appearance and illusion. All is one. Everything we see, sense and feel emanates from this field of pure consciousness, as a particular form materialized from the infinite knowledge and power that resides within it. The state of awareness of this ultimate reality is called self-realization. In this state, this essence of all creation—this unity containing the infinite knowledge and power we use in healing—often appears as a light that shines from in and around everything.

  When you the healer perform a healing treatment in the spirit of openness we have recommended you begin to gravitate towards this state of self-realization. You naturally begin to leave your worldly self behind as you open yourself to the energy, your patient and your patient's energy field and merge with them, and instead become this state of universal awareness, more and more. You may have noticed small steps toward this already in your healing work, and this is the beginning of your journey into this larger reality. As you practice energy healing you gain momentum; healing itself accelerates your own personal growth towards this state. As you move into this state—where you and your patient and all the healing tools and techniques are one—you the healer tend to "disappear" as an individual entity and instead become this state of pure consciousness. This state, and the infinite knowledge and power that exists within it, has actually always been inside you, waiting to be discovered. The more you are able to realize and move into this state, the more of its infinite knowledge and power will be available to you as you heal.

  In Chios Level III you will work extensively with the chakra system and the higher layers of aura, using a new series of very powerful techniques. The chakra system is a seven-step connection between the field of pure consciousness and the individual—it is a "rainbow bridge," a series of receptors and transmutors of incoming energy/consciousness from this higher realm, each with its own color and its own domain of influence over the entire life process of your patient. The chakras are each a way things work and a realm of being and consciousness, and yet they all relate to each other, and are all one. The higher layers of aura relate to the chakras—each layer of aura corresponds to a chakra—and just as each chakra is a realm of being and consciousness, a realm of existence with its own nature and function within the overall being of the individual. This is true for the astral body, the etheric template body, the cosmic body and the ketheric template body—the remaining 4th through 7th layers of aura that we hadn't mentioned thus far but that you will now learn to see and work on in this Chios level. The layers of aura mirror the chakra system, and like it are a seven-step bridge of translation between the realm of pure consciousness and physical life. And yet all these parts of your patient's energy field are one—they intimately influence each other and are not really separate entities. In Chios Level III you will practice sensing and becoming these apparently different parts of your patient's energy field—you will come to know these realms of being and consciousness, and also access the maximum power available to you to heal them. And yet, they are (and will ultimately appear to you as) all one.

  To achieve your maximum effectiveness as a healer, you must continue the process of openness that we have introduced. You must practice all these new healing tools with the same spirit of openness you have learned, and continue to move towards the unity of yourself, your patient, your patient's energy field and whatever specific healing tool you are learning and using. Remember this as you learn and practice the exciting and extremely powerful new series of techniques you will soon learn here. You will thereby employ them to your fullest potential.

  As you use the powerful techniques of Chios, you may not only treat the ultimate causes of whatever disease or affliction your patient may have, but may also benefit your patient's entire life process. When you remove blocks, impurities and disturbances in your patient's energy field, you create a clearer, purer connection between your patient and the realm of pure consciousness, in which his or her ideal health, higher awareness and higher potentials reside. By healing defects in the energy field of your patient, you provide the opportunity for your patient to connect to this greater reality—to break free of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limitations which might otherwise remain—and thereby enhance his or her entire life process, on all levels. You heal your patient's whole being. This includes facilitating your patient's overall spiritual growth, too.

  Your own openness, expanded awareness and connection to pure consciousness is the tool you will use to effect these changes—you heal with your whole being, as well. As we have said, you the healer heal, and your patient receives healing, each with your entire being. But it is pure consciousness that heals, with you acting as a clear, open channel and conduit. You are not acting as an individual personality but only as a clear channel for the knowledge and power; consciousness itself accomplishes the healing. And yet—as with everything that exists—you, your patient and your patient's energy field are one. It is ultimately consciousness itself, acting upon itself, performing healing. Your healing work offers the opportunity to your patient to contact this greater reality, heal and advance his or her spiritual growth, as well as for you to come into greater contact with and act as a channel for this realm. Your role as a healer also facilitates your own growth process, and your healing ability is dependent upon this growth. You, your patient and your healing activities are all aspects of a unitary spiritual growth process. You will experience this in your healing work at a practical level, if you have not already: patients will come to you with specific needs for which you have the qualities necessary to provide the catalyst to heal, and your work with them will also facilitate your own growth by catalyzing issues you yourself need to resolve, to grow. You will effect changes in consciousness (and spiritual growth) in your healing patients, and you will also find that your healing work will induce these same things in you. And yet, there is ultimately no difference between you and your patient—it is all consciousness working on itself, in this growth process.

  The techniques of Chios Level III will assist you in this process and will further accelerate you toward becoming a master healer. As you become a master healer, you will gravitate towards working directly with this realm of pure consciousness, not only in your patient, but also in yourself—the realm from which you draw your healing knowledge, the healing power, and the awareness you allow to guide you, as you heal. In your healing work, you are a vehicle for this higher consciousness, as it works through you to do everything we have discussed. When healing, you the master healer temporarily move away from your personality and individual identity, and instead into a state of self-realization—becoming a tool, a vehicle through which consciousness operates on itself, in certain ways, so as to effect healing and changes in consciousness.

  Implicit in this is the necessity to be guided, in your work, instead of being limited by your own mental ideas or preconceptions. You the master healer are an artist and not a mere technician. In practical terms, this means you must begin to break free of all standardized treatment orders, pre-conceived content of healing treatments, and instead use all your tools, all your knowledge, and the entire power and perception of your consciousness to create the work of art that is each individual healing session. Although Chios Level III contains many extraordinary tools, you must cut your own path and not be afraid to individualize your use of them, as your individual patients require. It is inevitable, also, that you will encounter many situations not specifically described in the Chios healing levels, sometimes with patients who are seriously ill. You must therefore use your own judgment, your expanded awareness and your ability to assess each unique patient as your ultimate authority in treatment.

  You must master all the healing tools given you but then move beyond all rules, to a wider realm—a realm in which your unitary holistic awareness and action exist as a pure expression of the knowledge and power of the field of pure consciousness and pure spirit. You must move to a realm in which you, as you have previously known yourself, disappear and are instead guided by, and become, the dream flow of the light. This is the realm of the master healer.

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