Healing Level III


   In the course of a normal healing treatment, the healer uses various perceptual tools to sense the condition of the patient's energy field—the chakra system and higher layers of aura—and then uses various energy healing techniques to correct energetic defects which have been found in them. You have learned these tools. There are times, however, when a patient will come to the healer who not only has these defects in his or her higher energy field, but in whom these defects have precipitated a serious or even life-threatening illness. Such illnesses must be treated with additional measures and with extra effort, so that the patient's interests may be best served.

   In treating seriously ill patients, it is important to understand the general nature of disease in the human body, and have a conceptual understanding of how a healer heals, that is removes disease, in the body. This understanding begins with the fact that the health of the physical body is inextricably linked to the energetic health of the entire energy field. It is the healthful flow of energy within the chakras and aura layers, in a balanced, harmonious and clear manner, which supports life and makes it possible. Although the physical body eventually weakens and dies, it is the health of the energetic system that is the linchpin for the integrity of the physical body during life. It is a failure in this energetic underpinning that precedes physical illness and eventually allows it to manifest—it may be, for example, that a structural energetic defect in a certain chakra may precede, by years, the development of cancer in a related organ of the physical body.

   Disease usually begins as ill conditions in the chakras and aura layers. Energetic defects within the chakras and layers of aura weaken, block or distort the flow of energy within the field, which then renders the physical body susceptible to disease. The energetic defects not merely detrimentally affect other portions of the energy field, but eventually "move down" into the physical body—they eventually result in a state where their influence on the physical body is such that the energy that the physical body depends upon for life is blocked or distorted, in some way. A disease condition then manifests in some part of the body, a part which no longer remains free and clear in its energetic functioning, as a result of the energetic defects in the higher energy field. This physical disease that results bears relationship to the energetic conditions within the energy field which produced it—the energetic defects in the chakras and aura layers, the physical conditions which result, and all other related conditions, such as the unresolved psychological issues in the patient, will all interrelate and will display a greater pattern of energetic imbalance, blockage and distortion which encompasses all specific symptoms.

   Your ability to read and see the aura and chakras will enable you to diagnose and then treat the higher causes of disease, and also point you towards an understanding of the origin and nature of the patient's illness, in all its aspects. When certain areas of the body contain disease, this will be visible in the aura levels. The higher bodies will be affected, and the chakras corresponding to the affected higher bodies will be affected also. Your treatment of such conditions, using the tools you have learned, will cleanse, heal and restore balance to all these levels. Often in the seriously ill you will also find disturbances in the higher bodies that may not be apparent on the lower levels, and it is important for you to treat all chakras and aura levels that require it, for there may be various subtle contributing causes to the illness that are present in various places in the field.

   The ideal situation for the healer, of course, is to be able to treat these ill conditions in the chakras and higher bodies before they are able to move down into the physical body and cause serious illness—to prevent disease.  Even after serious disease manifests in the physical, however, healing of the chakras and higher aura layers is an important part of the overall healing process, because it heals the higher cause of the illness. There is more that is needed, however. In a seriously ill patient, the healer must also treat the disease in the patient's physical body, to maximize the chances of bringing back good health. The higher causes of the disease must be healed, but the disease itself must also be treated and removed, if possible.

   Treatment of the physical illness is accomplished by complementing treatment of those conditions in the chakras and higher aura layers which are the cause of disease with additional disease-specific procedures designed to as effectively as possible treat the disease conditions which have manifest—procedures which address the specific disease condition present in the physical body of the patient. The healer, when treating the ill patient, therefore treats on all levels of the being—the healer treats the various conditions in the entire field, all of which play a contributory and often complex role in whatever illnesses and afflictions are affecting the patient. This includes the physical manifestation of illness.

   This section will give you a collection of such disease-specific procedures, each designed to treat a certain kind of disease as it may be found in your patient. These procedures, in concert with the other healing tools you have learned to use to heal the chakras and higher aura layers, will often be useful in treating a disease that has presented acute symptoms. Prior to treating the seriously ill patient, however, it is wise to gain further information on the physical condition of the illness. This will be necessary to fully and properly employ the disease-specific procedures given.

Development of Internal Viewing:

   You have learned various techniques for sensing and learning to see the aura and chakras. In the treatment of disease, however, another important skill will also be necessary—the ability to see inside the physical body, to determine the nature and extent of disease present in physical tissues. This ability of internal viewing is another primary diagnostic tool of the healer.

   Your patient may have already communicated to you information on the nature of disease present in his or her body, or you may have detected a potential or currently-existing disease condition through your own intuitive readings and viewing of the aura and chakras, as well as your reception of whatever psychic information and guidance are available. Your examination of a patient which may be seriously ill should also be supplemented by a sensing of condition of the physical body—gained through a careful passing of hands and also carefully noting the sensations of the patient's body energies during hand placement. Your focus upon these body energies may also result in intuitive or psychic awareness of ill conditions in the physical body, and any sensations in your hands which you feel indicate an ill condition in the body must not be discounted, but investigated further. Whichever areas of your patient's body which you know or suspect may harbor disease should then be examined through internal viewing.

   To perform an intuitive reading for the purpose of working to develop internal viewing, you may have your physical eyes either open or closed—closed may be easier to learn, although you should eventually be able to "see" inside the body psychically with your eyes open. First localize your awareness, during the active phase, on the Round Orange-Red Ball and on the nature of the information desired, while seeing a blank screen in the mind's eye. When releasing into the receptive phase, pictures may spontaneously appear on the screen, and sounds or feelings, along with other information, may be received as well.

   For example, in a patient who you know has kidney disease, you might first focus upon the Round Orange-Red Ball and the blank screen with the knowledge that you will soon be acquiring a view of the internal structures of the patient's kidney. After releasing into the receptive phase, pictures will appear to you that will convey this information—pictures which may show details of the internal structures of the kidney from which you will gain some understanding of the exact nature and progression of the disease. This knowledge will be useful to you as you then incorporate specific procedures into your healing treatment which use light visualizations for the purpose of seeking to heal the disease which is present in the kidney. The use of the Round Orange-Red ball, during the active phase of intuitive readings, expands your intuitive power. This technique, after a little practice, should become automatic.

   The use of a series of quick readings of this sort should be a common tool when examining a patient or treating disease, and is recommended even when a medical diagnosis is known, to supplement the information and gain further information on the nature and extent of the disease and on vulnerable or diseased areas which will require treatment. It is desirable, for example, to begin at the level of the entire body, using an intuitive reading of a body outline, with the Orange-Red Ball, to determine which areas or organs of the body may require attention. You may then, with each organ or area which is known or suspected of containing disease, start at the macro-level, using the Orange-Red Ball and the blank screen to request pictures or other information on the condition of the organ or area as a whole, for example, and then proceed downwards in scale, examining on finer and finer levels the form and functioning of that part of the body, down to the level of internal organ structures and tissues.

   It is especially useful to attempt to "see" inside the body at locations where you have detected problems in the aura. During the passing-of-hands, with your reception of psychic information and guidance or with your viewing of the aura you may have gained a sense of energetic defects in the aura levels. These will often be connected with physiological conditions in the patient's body, and it is beneficial to learn of these, so that specific treatment procedures may be used to assist in their healing.

   You may, as you continue to practice this technique to see inside the body, in your mind's "eye," that you eventually gain physical vision (direct internal vision) of the interior of the body, and its structures. As intuitive reading of the aura and its phenomena is a preliminary step towards vision of the aura directly, intuitive readings of the physical body structures may give way, with further experience, to direct internal vision of the patient's body, conducted from a more general to a finer level. As with viewing with the mind's eye, visions—seeing in this way—may not be limited by rules governing the physical eyes.

Other Uses of Intuitive Reading:

   The process of gaining intuitive information, using the Orange-Red Ball and the blank screen, may be used in healing in other ways as well. You may use this technique to add to your ability to obtain psychic information and guidance for the purpose of gaining insight into the patient's psychology and life experience and its correlation to phenomena in the chakras and higher aura layers. Your practice of it, eventually becoming automatic, may give you greater ability to focus upon and gain information on phenomena in the energy field.

   There are many other uses—there is no limit to the use you can make of this technique as you master the healing art. During the passing of hands, for example, a reading using the blank screen may be used to view the condition, impurities, or other deformities that might be present in a chakra's structure, or to display circumstances or causes in the past that correspond to the diseased conditions of chakras or energy blockages in the chakras or in the aura. It is often beneficial to use the method of intuitive reading to gain psychic information and guidance regarding the cause of the patient's illness, or to gain recommendation as to changes that the patient may make in their life to assist the healing process.

   Often you may see influences from diet, physical circumstances, personal relationships, inner feelings or other matters conveyed to you in pictures or in other ways, along with some understanding of how these are affecting your patient. Information regarding treatment, even other forms of healing therapy that may also benefit, may be presented. You must use care and consideration, though, in delivering this information to your patient, and be positive and non-judgmental in your approach. You must not overwhelm the patient with information they may not be ready for.  It is important, also, to be sure you do not modify the information with your own ego tendencies. Use and create your own applications for this basic technique.

Light Visualization and The Placement of Health:

   After coming to a good understanding of your patient's condition, using all the perceptual tools that have been discussed, your next step is to plan treatment. You will, of course, address all conditions in the chakras and higher aura layers which require it, and will also treat the physical manifestation of the disease. As mentioned above, this is a critical aspect of treating the seriously ill patient.

   In the treatment of disease, there is a polarity; there is the wellness of the patient, and the illness of the disease. Disease is separate from the patient, like an invader—it is an unnatural and unhealthy energetic condition which is possible only when the normal health of the body and energy field are disrupted. Disease is, in a sense, a separate entity, an unhealthy energetic entity to be eliminated. The healer seeks to eliminate illness, when present, but also, however, seeks to bring health and wellness back—to heal.

   You will not merely be addressing the disease, during treatment, be will also be working with health and wellness—you will confront illness on a very close basis, but rather than merely battle illness, you will create health. Health is the natural state of human life, although this natural tendency can become obstructed, from various causes. It is important, though, not to place too much emphasis on disease, but in creating health.

   The human body has within itself potentially unlimited health, and so can become healed at any time through the application of the energies given in treatments. You will work to re-create health in the body and help the body sustain itself against illness and disease. You will assist in the rebuilding of the health of the body and its organs through your application of energy, color and light. The body possesses the ability to heal itself, although an ill patient is not able to command this ability in themselves, as the ability of the patient to heal themselves is limited by the illness. A healer, through the proper application of these entities, can stimulate the patient's own health process and sustain it. The healer facilitates the patient's own healing.

   You will seek to heal your patient of whatever disease is present through healing of the chakras and higher aura layers, but also from specific treatment to the disease itself. In treating diseased areas, your power of visualization will be used in moving the energy through the body in certain ways necessary for healing whatever disease may be present—a calm flow of energy, to quiet, or a bright burst of energy to stimulate, for example. You will also employ visualization to direct the energy and light—visualizing light around the affected organs or areas of the body to treat them in a more directed and powerful way. You may even perform visualizations to convey a certain quality with the light and energy you channel to diseased structures.

   As you perform whatever specific visualizations are necessary to treat whatever disease may be present, however, you will also visualize diseased areas coming back to a state of health. In visualizing a diseased organ, for example, you may not only see light washing through the organ, as you also visualize the light around it to more directly treat it, but at the same time also visualizes the organ and tissues returning to a state of health. You may proceed in your visualization from a general visualization of the organ, to more specific areas, and finally even to the level of the tissues, seeing and healing the disease through your power of visualization, seeing and becoming the tissues as they become healthy in form and function. The flow of energy in the body can be diverted or modified, and hence the function of the tissues can be affected, through such visualizations.

   It is therefore necessary for you to have a good knowledge of anatomy, and of the disease conditions in the patient. For each disease, a different specific procedure will be used to direct the light, depending on the specifics of the disease and the part of the body affected. The visualization will include the specific disease condition rectifying to a state of health—the tissues changing appropriately in form and/or function as determined by the specific disease being treated.

   An ability to visualize, sense and become the diseased structures is of importance for another, related reason. As you visualize light around diseased areas, treating them as required and seeing them come back to a state of healthy form and function, you must also visualize, sense and become the diseased areas for the purpose of conveying the quality of health itself. This is important because in healing serious illness the healer becomes the diseased organ or diseased area, and becomes the channel not only for the energy that is conducted to the organ, but for the wellness that is placed there. The healer becomes the illness, and then cures the illness in his or her "self."  It is an intimate, an eye-to-eye battle, where the healer draws the illness of the disease and the health of the energy and light into his or herself, becomes the illness and the light/energy, corrects the diseased condition, and substitutes health for the disease, placing health in the patient, as one act.

   The healer instills health in the patient—it is not only a specific visualization that is employed in treating whatever disease condition is present, but also a placement of health. This is integral to the act of healing—it is a critical aspect of the primary principle of healing. The healer takes the disease condition into him or herself, heals it there, and thence in the patient, because the healer and the patient are one. The healer not merely acts as a channel for the energy, color and light used in treating diseased areas, but also as a channel for the health that is placed in them.

   Performance of many of the procedures detailed below will require significant visualizing ability on your part. Your power to direct energy and light to the correct places and in the correct ways, visualize the affected organs and parts of the body and place health in them will be proportional to your visualization ability. It is highly recommended that you engage in the regular practice of Chios Meditation, to foster this important ability. It is wise for you to also have a good working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and human diseases. This will be most helpful, so that you may have a good understanding of the entire condition of the patient, not just the primary cause of disease, but all accompanying bodily effects, so that the entire illness and its effects may be treated. For many diseases, this will require treating a number of specific conditions in the ill patient, as many diseases will present with a number of interrelating conditions and complications.

   For a seriously ill patient, you will first use all your perceptual tools to assess your patient's condition. You will then proceed to use your healing tools to treat the chakras and higher aura layers which display energetic defects, and then treat whatever disease conditions are present, through the use of the specific procedures which are appropriate. Although the treatment procedure given before is a general guideline for the order of employing the techniques, it is important to understand that with the seriously ill patient, perhaps more so than a patient who is not ill, you must rely first and foremost on your own judgment and psychic sense, as well as whatever guidance is offered, in determining the order and content of techniques employed in treating the patient. This may sometimes involve deleting treatment steps that are not needed, or spending a great deal of time on an area of particular concern, or even modifying techniques or engaging in new procedures as guided to, as the situation demands. In treating the seriously ill, you must rely on your own judgment, perception and abilities rather than any set rules.

Empathic Perception and Transference:

   Your visualization ability—the ability to become one with an object or entity—is useful in healing for many reasons. It is a central overall tool of the healer, and is useful not only because it grants energy-directing ability while employing the various healing tools upon your patient and his or her energy field, but also because it fosters the ability to empathize, that is, to become one with your patient for the purpose of sensing his or her condition. This empathic ability extends from understanding how the patient feels to knowing how they actually, physically feel.

   You may have begun to experience this phenomenon already, as you have practiced sensing chakras with structural defects in need of radiatory healing—you may have sensed, perhaps even in yourself, the state of the chakra. You can now seek to develop the overall empathic ability—the ability to become one with your patient—and this is, actually, just another aspect of the ability to become a pure, conscious channel, the goal that all your healing study has been assisting you toward. You will find that, as you practice empathic perception of your patient, you will not only acquire an understanding of each individual patient's condition, but will also acquire an overall understanding of human nature as well.

   The purpose for which you will do this is simple—to further heal the patients who come to you. As your knowledge of specific diseased conditions can be used to become a part of your patient, for the purpose of effecting changes that treat the specific physiological ailment and imparting health, you can also empathically sense other conditions in your patient's overall condition, become the patient, and with your power of visualization then effect changes in the patient ("yourself") that will treat whatever ill conditions you have detected in body, emotions, mind or spirit. You can become any aspect of your patient's psychology, emotions, perception, etc., and through this sensing, becoming and restoration effect positive changes in the patient and their life, for the purpose of healing their entire being. This is another aspect to the placement of health and the fundamental principle of healing—all healing techniques are just modifications of this one fundamental process.

Color Therapy—Supplementing Disease Treatments With Color:

   One final tool you may use in your disease treatments is color therapy. In treating disease you will often be using light, but there may be times where you find it appropriate to additionally employ color in your treatment of specific areas. Organs or tissues which have been subject to disease conditions, or to trauma of various kinds (wounds, broken bones, etc.) will benefit and be refreshed by use of an appropriate color, in addition to being treated with the light and with visualization. This is a valuable addition to treatment of these areas.

   Various systems have been proposed that attribute certain colors with discrete properties or assign certain colors to treatment of specific conditions and diseases, but in reality the situation is too complex for a system of rules to be practical. While sometimes such systems of color therapy will stipulate a color that actually will help a given disease or condition, it is often that a recommended color will not actually be the best and most beneficial color to use. The healer is advised, therefore, to perform an intuitive reading, using the Orange-Red Ball, to ask for information of which color to use in treating a specific area, and allow intuitive awareness and guidance be the guide as to which color is really most appropriate. This is better than any system of set rules.

   When channeling color to an organ or tissue, it is not necessary to use a symbol in color, merely to visualize the color in the mind's eye, "be in" that color, seeing it around the hands and gently penetrating into the patient in the area desired.

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