Healing Level III


In your study of Chios you have learned many techniques for sensing and healing energetic defects in the aura and chakra system. Many patients will come to you with physical, emotional or mental afflictions of a less-serious nature, seeking healing. Many other patients will arrive that have no such afflictions at all, but are simply interested in whatever benefits energy healing might provide towards enhancing body, mind and spirit in order to live a more fulfilling life and to better overcome the normal challenges therein. For all these patients you will heal the energetic defects you find in their aura and chakras, thereby often providing the benefits they seek. And yet there will also be times that patients will come to you with serious—even life threatening—physical illnesses. Such patients will not only have energetic defects in the aura and chakras that require treatment using the healing techniques you have learned thus far, but the defects will have precipitated serious disease in the physical body. You must treat these patients with additional measures and with extra effort to best serve their needs. This chapter is a supplement to Chios® Level III and will give you some additional healing techniques designed to assist your seriously ill patient.

Serious Illness is Treated in the Energy Field and Physical Body

  In treating seriously ill patients, it is beneficial to understand how disease develops in the physical body and how a healer attempts to heal, that is remove, that disease. The health of the physical body is inextricably linked to the health of the energy field.It is the healthful flow of energy within the chakras and aura layers, in a balanced, harmonious and clear manner, that supports the physical body during life. Although the physical body eventually weakens and dies, the health of the energy field is the linchpin for the integrity of the physical body during life. It is a failure in this energetic underpinning that precedes physical illness and eventually allows it to manifest. It may be, for example, that a structural energetic defect  in a certain chakra may precede by years the development of cancer  in a related organ of the physical body. Physical disease usually begins as one (or more) specific energetic defects in the chakras and aura layers that evolves into a pattern that affects several chakras and many layers of aura. Defects in a chakra and its corresponding aura layer usually occur together (as we have discussed). These defects then begin to spread. Energetic defects in the aura layer will filter through the aura  and become lodged in other layers of aura that are susceptible to this energetic invasion—lower layers are particularly susceptible, but higher layers can also become affected. Energetic defects in chakras  will affect neighboring chakras (and then other layers of aura). Each part of the energy field that is affected can potentially eventually affect any other susceptible part of the field. And so, one or two defects in a chakra or aura layer will become a pattern of energetic defects that includes much or even most of the energy field. These unhealthy energetic conditions in the chakras and aura layers eventually “filter down” into the physical body and render it susceptible to disease. A disease condition may then manifest in some part of the body, a part which no longer remains free and clear in its energetic functioning, as the ultimate result of these energetic defects in the higher energy field. The specific physical disease has a relationship to the energetic conditions within the energy field which produced it; the entire pattern of energetic defects in the chakras and aura layers, unresolved psychological issues  and past traumas , and the physical disease itself, will all interrelate.

  You will assist your seriously ill patient by first treating the higher cause of the disease—the energetic defects you find throughout the chakras and layers of aura. You must be thorough in doing so, however—you must thoroughly examine and treat all the chakras and aura layers, for there may be various subtle contributing higher causes to the illness that are present in various places in the energy field. Some energetic defects will be easy to identify. When physical disease is present in the body it often will be fairly easy to identify the energetic defects that will be present in the lower aura levels above the diseased location, for example. It will likewise be easy to identify the energetic defects in chakras that are related to, and near, the site of the disease. But you must go farther and diligently examine all remaining parts of the energy field and treat all unhealthy conditions you find. Do not neglect the upper layers of aura (the 4th and above), for there may be very important higher causes of the illness there that are not as apparent nor as easy to find as energetic defects in the lower aura layers, yet critical to treat. Often in the seriously ill patient you will find such energetic impurities and disturbances in these higher layers of aura. This complete healing of the chakras and higher aura layers is an important part of the overall healing process because it heals the higher cause of the illness. There is more that is needed, however. In a seriously ill patient, you must additionally treat the disease in your patient’s physical body to maximize the chances of bringing back good health. The higher causes of the disease must be healed, but the physical disease existing in the body must also be treated and removed, if possible.

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