In your learning and practice of Chios Meditation you have probably developed some inner sense of self-awareness—a pure awareness beyond habitual identifications with the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the surface level of the mind. Meditation is, in the beginning, a journey inward, and provides an inward awareness of self. Your awareness, at the beginning of a meditation practice, often begins to draw inward, and progresses inward.  After practicing meditation for some weeks or months, however, you may have also noticed, during your meditations, other moments where your awareness was focused outward, moments where, although you were sitting with eyes closed meditating, you were aware of your existence in the outer universe, perhaps with a sense of the sky or heavens above, of being in the universe.

   You may not have noticed it with your conscious mind, as yet, but there is a point where the inward awareness reverses itself, instantly, and moves outward, a moment of broadening or expansion.  This point is often reached more than once in each day's meditation period.   It is an instantaneous reversal in the focus of awareness, and there is often a sense of elation or euphoria at this point where the inward awareness expands.  This point is not a point in time or space, but it is a state of being. It is subtle, yet discernible with practice. This precise point of change in awareness is called the point of pure being.

   This is like a funnel, as if the meditation were a double funnel. The awareness draws inward, funnels inward to a point (inward awareness), and then instantly reverses outward again by passing through a "hole," a pinpoint or very small hole in the universe, and then funnels instantly outward again (outward awareness) into the universe. There is the experience, at this point, of a difference—it is a non-experience of either inward or outward awareness alone. It is an experience of the essence of reality—it is an experience of both inner and outer awareness and also of not either of these by themselves. It is an experience of an existence between two existences.

   This point is not an actual location, and the visual illustration given is only to assist in your understanding and awareness of this point, but at this point of pure being, where the focus of meditation is neither inward nor outward, the being of the meditator rests in a condition that transcends both the inner and the outer worlds, the duality of the inner and outward awareness. At this point there is a totality of being, it is a point where the being is pure. At the precise moment of achievement of this point, there is a unity with all creation, a coming to rest in pure consciousness itself.

   There is an important analogy to this point.  Because all particularized objects in manifestation are in some manner a recapitulation of the universal consciousness, we see patterns repeated in the physical and metaphysical worlds. A black hole, in space, is the direct analog of this meditative transition, and its singularity is a physical counterpart to the state of pure being. As in the singularity of a black hole in space, the usual rules of time and space do not apply at the point of pure being. This point, and whatever happens within it, is also beyond the concept of time. At this point, the human spirit, which is inherently unlimited in its nature, can potentially experience all possibilities, without limitation. There is great power at this point.

   Begin to gain an awareness of this point by incorporating the following exercise into your daily meditation:

   During your daily practice of Chios Meditation, begin to become aware of the point of pure being.  Begin to notice the focus of your meditation at various times.  Is it inward or outward? If it has been inward, and then you notice an outward focus later, search your being, for just a brief moment, for the awareness you may have had, at some level, of this point. Note this easily, and then go on with the meditation.

   Perform this exercise during your daily practice of the meditation, seeking to gain awareness of the point.  It is likely you already have some awareness of this point at a deeper level of awareness. After having reached some conscious awareness of the point, it is desirable to gain the ability to slow the transition of awareness through this point, to maintain the awareness at the point of singularity, in the state of pure being itself.

   Allow, during your meditation, your perception of this point to become more complete: allow yourself to become the point and possess a knowledge of it. Know yourself as the point and possess the point in your awareness allowing a persistence of it to prevail, during your meditation. Allow your deeper awareness of the point to imbue and carry over into daily life. See the point in everything that exists and become the awareness that you experienced within it.

   This deceptively simple-appearing exercise is actually a profound and advanced one—proceed slowly and seek support through the website if you feel you need it.

©1994 - 2011 Stephen H. Barrett