Healing Level I

Healing Level I

Welcome to Chios Energy Healing. Chios Level I is your introduction to this fascinating and powerful healing art. In this introductory level, you will learn to channel healing energy and also to begin to sense the human energy field. You will use these new skills to give your first complete energy healing treatments.

  As you begin your study of Chios, you may choose to receive the first Chios healing attunement. It is not at all required that you receive this attunement, should you wish to learn and practice the techniques taught in this level. The first attunement may assist you, however, in more easily acquiring these healing abilities. If you choose to receive the first Chios attunement be sure to observe the correct preparatory steps, so that you may receive its full benefits.

  You are about to embark on a wonderful energy healing journey, where you will learn many exciting techniques and discover—within yourself—knowledge and healing power you may not have suspected were available to you. Chios will be a journey of not merely learning to help and heal others, but a journey of self-discovery, as well. It is important during your exploration of Chios, however, that you practice your healing skills regularly. Practice is essential to bringing out your healing ability, and practice is essential to proper learning, as well. It is through practice that you will really experience the world of the energy healer.


You will begin your study of energy healing by learning to work with the energy. Every living thing that exists is permeated by a universal energy that connects and nourishes all life. This energy has been called by many different names, such as prana, mana and chi. An "invisible" energy field composed of this energy surrounds every human being. It is this energy field around each person that integrally supports the life process in all its aspects—the material operations of the physical body, the functions of the emotions and mind, and even the spiritual life.

  The energy in this energy field is not lifeless or inert—it is active and intelligent. It is conscious energy, a manifestation of the universal consciousness that is the source of each of us and the entire universe. The energy, like everything in the universe, emanates from the field of pure consciousness, the spiritual source of life. This field of pure consciousness has inherent within it infinite knowledge and power, infinite love (as a universal creative force) and unlimited health and wellness. It also contains the higher self (or true self) of you, your patient and everyone. We each possess consciousness—each of us is an individuated portion of this universal consciousness—but we are all connected and are ultimately all one. Your connection to this higher spiritual reality lies within you; in your ultimate nature you are pure consciousness, with the infinite knowledge and power inherent in it.

  The energy field is composed of the aura (which exists in seven layers) and the chakra system (which consists of the seven major chakras). It acts as a bridge, a seven-step connection, between the field of pure consciousness and life in this world. From the highest spiritual level, down to the levels of mind, emotions and body, the energy field brings into worldly life—at each of these levels—the powers and potentialities inherent in our spiritual source. The energy field is both an indicator and a regulator of the manner in which the life force and higher potentials that exist within the field of pure consciousness are expressed into the worldly life of the individual. If this energy field is clear, healthy and free from defects, the living person will likewise exhibit good health, at each step—from the spiritual aspects, down to the mental, emotional and physical levels. Innate health and harmony of body and mind, spiritual awareness and higher human potentials will all manifest in the person and in his or her life, by virtue of a plenary connection to the field of pure consciousness from which all these attributes flow. Many times, however, energetic defects are present in the energy field. When the flow of energy within this energy field becomes weak, impure, unbalanced or blocked, these energetic defects prevent the pure connection to the higher spiritual reality—the field of pure consciousness and the true self of the person. This prevents the full and healthy expression of the living potential of the whole person and removes the natural condition of energetic health that is a requirement for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

  The ultimate causes of these energetic defects are often physical and/or psychological trauma. One (or a series) of traumatic experiences, harmful life circumstances or dysfunctional relationships in the past (often including past lives), if they remain unintegrated by the psyche, impress the energy field with energetic defects. These energetic defects in the energy field separate the person from a full connection to his or her higher (true) self and from the whole of reality, leaving rigid existential biases (including core issues in the personality). They also make it possible for unhealthy energies to establish themselves in the aura and chakras, because the strong, healthy energy that the energy field normally possesses, and which resists such energetic invasion, is compromised. And so, these three effects—personality trauma (including repressed memories), fundamental energetic defects in the aura and chakra system (including but not limited to those corresponding to negative thoughts and emotions) and invasion by unhealthy impure energies (either self-generated or imposed by others)—often exist together and are closely related. They produce unhealthy energetic conditions in the energy field, and rigid and unhealthy patterns of emotions, mind and spirit that occlude the full and healthy expression of the true self of the person and that will eventually lead to problems in the worldly life. Diseases or afflictions of a physical, emotional or mental nature often eventually become manifest.

  Energy healing is the art and science of sensing and correcting energetic defects in the energy field. As an energy healer, you will seek to restore the condition of your patient's energy field to its strong, natural and healthy state and correct any defects that are present, thereby helping to restore and maintain health to your patient's body, emotions, mind and spirit—to all levels of his or her being. In doing this, you will treat the ultimate cause of afflictions and disease. By treating ill conditions in the energy field, you may work to assist in the resolution of a disease condition which has already manifested in the physical body, or in the mental and emotional life of your patient. Your healing work may also serve to prevent future disease by treating faulty energetic conditions in your patient's energy field which might otherwise result in illness in the future, should they remain untreated. Additionally, your healing work is beneficial simply because it enhances the entire life process of your patient, even if prominent disease or afflictions are not present, improving functioning of body, mind and spirit and enabling your patient to live a healthier, more balanced and fulfilling life.

  As you perform an energy healing treatment, you will conduct an extra measure of the energy into your patient. This serves to supplement and enhance the overall health of the energy field. You will also expand your awareness for the purpose of gaining intuitive information regarding the condition of the energy field of your patient, to sense and detect energetic defects of various kinds (and perhaps even their causes). This healing knowledge is not the product of your thinking mind, but comes through you from the unlimited knowledge contained in the field of pure consciousness. You will then heal the energetic defects that are present by using various special energy healing techniques. You do not generate the healing power that makes the healing techniques work, but your proper use of the techniques will enable you to be a channel for the healing power that comes from the field of pure consciousness. By healing the energetic defects in your patient's energy field you offer your patient the opportunity to reconnect to his or her higher self (or true self) and the unlimited health and wellness contained in the field of pure consciousness. Reintegration of the personality, a new vision of self beyond negative thoughts, emotions and self-limiting beliefs, and a healing of the energetic defects in the energy field are the potential benefits. You do not actually accomplish this healing, which is actually performed by pure consciousness and the higher (true) self of your patient, but you will be a catalyst and a pure channel for the knowledge and power that enables healing to take place. This is the role of the energy healer.

  Instrumental in your healing work, therefore, will be this ability to act as a pure channel for the knowledge and power inherent in pure consciousness. You already have, within yourself, this ability—you need only discover and make use of it. This website will teach you the healing techniques you will use, in a way that makes you a pure channel for this healing knowledge and healing power. You will employ every technique, not from any specific state of mind, but from a wider awareness—from your whole being. This is called openness. As afflictions of body, mind and spirit begin in the wider realm of consciousness—the whole being—so do you heal from that level. In this wider realm of awareness, in the state of pure consciousness you seek to become a pure channel for, there is also a unity: you, your patient, the healing techniques you use, and the energy itself are all one. This approach—to heal from your whole being, in a spirit of openness and with a sense of unity and oneness—is the key to powerful, effective practice of every technique you will learn in this book. It is the key to being a true energy healer.

  Your first step in becoming an energy healer is to learn Energy Channeling. Energy channeling is the practice of bringing extra energy into yourself, allowing it to flow through your body and into your hands, and then conduct it into your patient. You already have inherent within you the ability to channel this energy—it is a natural human ability. You need only open yourself to the energy, to do so. As you begin your practice of channeling energy into your patient, your patient's energy field will use the energy you conduct in the way that is most needed. As you grow in your healing abilities, you will become increasingly more able to sense the energy, more aware of areas in your patient's energy field that harbor energetic defects, and more able to use the energy to heal those defects, using a variety of healing techniques. As your awareness and abilities increase, you will become a progressively more conscious participant in the healing taking place, and you will, should you continue your study of Chios energy healing, learn some extremely powerful and exciting tools to effectively sense and heal the human energy field.

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