Healing Level II


After learning how to call greater amounts of energy into yourself for use in healing, your next step is to begin to learn how to sense and then treat some of the common energetic defects you will encounter in the aura and chakras of your patients. The nature of these energetic defects will be discussed first, then you will learn several new techniques for detecting them, and finally, during the remainder of Chios Level II, you will learn various specific techniques for their correction.

  There are a total of four potential energetic defects of the aura that you will learn to treat in this level. They are: energetic impurities in the aura, leaks and tears in the aura layers, energy depletion in the aura and disturbance of energy flow in the body energy. The fifth condition you will learn to treat is blocked chakras.

Blocked Chakras:

Blocked chakras are chakras in which the upward flow of energy that usually ascends in the central energy channel through the entire chakra system has become restricted or stopped at one or more particular chakra points. Blocked chakras do not just restrict this upward flow of energy, however, but restrict the entire flow of energy through that chakra. Each chakra does not merely conduct the energy upwards through the central energy channel, to the next chakra above it, but also brings energy into itself from all around, conducts it through itself and then sends it to the entirety of the energy field (including the physical body). Blockage of a chakra affects both aspects of the energy flow, through the chakra, and so a blocked chakra has a very deleterious effect on the entire energy field of your patient. Generally, a patient will usually exhibit at least one, and often more, blocked chakras.

  Blocked chakras usually coincide with certain psychological core issues—with certain existential biases that your patient has adopted in his or her relationship to reality. These existential biases inhibit the wider range of self-awareness and action available to your patient, restricting it to a limited range of expression. Often they are tied to the emotions, although mental and spiritual aspects of the being are invariably involved (and often relationships with other persons). The entire life process of your patient becomes restricted. Because the operation of the chakras is so central to the healthy functioning of the entire being it is very important to become aware of and correct any defective conditions in them.

  It is very common to find blocked 4th, 5th and 6th chakras on patients. Blocked 2nd, 3rd and 7th chakras are also fairly common, while blocked 1st chakras are somewhat less common. Some patients will have only one blocked chakra, and many other patients will have two or even more blocked chakras—very often a low one and a high one, for example. When two or more blocked chakras are present in your patient, it is usually indicative of more than one cause at work—different causes in different chakras—although they may have some relationship to each other. Sometimes patients will exhibit a chakra that is chronically blocked, as well as another chakra or chakras that are blocked occasionally, with changes in the individual's life. Unblocking chakras, in concert with other techniques, often provides a great deal of emotional, mental and spiritual clearing for your patient, and prevents physical disease, too.

Leaks and Tears:

The aura is composed of seven discrete interpenetrating layers, as previously described. Leaks and tears of the aura are areas where the "fabric" of one or more aura layers has become damaged. Leaks and tears are treated using the same technique, but have important differences.

  Leaks generally occur primarily on the 1st layer of aura, the layer closest to the physical body. They are regions where the energy of the energy field is being slowly dissipated—leaking away—instead of being retained in its normal pattern. Leaks may be likened to a "wearing thin" of the aura layer. As a wearing thin of fabric might allow for a loss of protection and weakening of a fabric garment, resulting in a loss of body heat, leaks of the aura reflect a weakening and loss of integrity of the aura layer, resulting in a loss of energy. This loss of energy that results from leaks is detrimental to your patient, because it lessens the strength of the life energy upon which every aspect of health depends.

  Leaks are generally found over areas of the physical body that have been subject to wear, strain or physical trauma of some kind, and are often found over joints. Usually they are found on the front of the body: the knee, shoulder and hip joints are very common places to find them. They are also sometimes found near the neck, the ankles and the elbows.

  Tears (unlike leaks) usually occur in the higher layers of aura, above the 1st layer, and often extend through multiple layers. Tears are similar to leaks, in that they are regions where the aura layers have become damaged, resulting in energy loss. Tears, however, are a more severe form of damage; they can be likened to an actual "tear" of the field. As a tear in fabric might serve to completely destroy the covering, tears in the aura are more like complete openings: they are "holes" —regions of complete loss of field integrity—and are more harmful to your patient. Whereas leaks are a smaller and more gradual loss of energy, tears are usually a more serious loss of energy. Tears can also allow for invasion of unhealthy energies from outside your patient and into your patient's energy field. Tears are therefore a double hazard for your patient: they are a loss of energy (dissipating from inside your patient's field and flowing out) and a loss of protection (from undesirable energies flowing from outside your patient's field and coming in).

  Tears can exist on any layer of aura, but most often occur in the middle layers. They can begin on the 1st layer, but this is not common. They usually begin on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th layer (or even higher layers), and frequently extend through two, three or more layers above. It is not uncommon for tears to extend all the way to the 7th layer of aura. Each patient is unique, however, and tears can begin on any layer and extend through any number of layers. Tears, like leaks, are often related to stress of some kind, but tears (as a more severe form of damage) are often related to emotional, mental or spiritual stresses or past traumatic experiences. Some traumas are severe enough to cause tears in two, three or even more of the higher aura layers—including most of the layers and up to the 7th layer. Large tears on multiple layers of aura result not merely in serious energy loss, but also in further psychic vulnerability. These tears are often related to traumas, of various kinds, and/or issues from past and/or present dysfunctional relationships.

  Tears are usually found only on the front of the body, and can be large or small. The large, catastrophic tears that extend through a number of layers are usually found over various parts of the torso—the abdomen or chest area—although they can sometimes occur elsewhere, too. It is of great benefit to your patient to correct these damaged areas of the field layers: it prevents both the serious energy loss and the psychic vulnerability tears create.

Auric Energy Impurities:

Auric energy impurities are unhealthy, stagnant dark energies which have accumulated in the aura, in certain areas. They are energies which are not necessary for the normal, healthy energetic functioning of the energy field. They do not function according to the laws and normal flow of healthy energies, but instead inhibit or act as blockages to the free flow of bright, clear healthy energy. Areas of auric energy impurities can exist on any of the seven layers of aura. These unhealthy energy impurities can contribute to physical disease or problems in your patient's emotional, mental or spiritual life.

  In Chios Level II you will remove auric energy impurities that have accumulated in various locations down near the body surface of your patient (within a maximum of 1 to 1 1/2 feet above the body surface, yet usually closer). These auric energy impurities are often associated with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th layers of aura, but can be associated with any layer. These areas frequently appear as, and are often likened to, "clouds" of dark energy, and such clouds of energy impurities often include energies on several layers of aura—the energies on one layer are associated with energies on adjacent layer(s) that exist in the same zone or cloud. Auric energy impurities in these areas, or clouds, are "stuck" to the energy field at certain locations, almost as though with static electricity. Because the aura layers also exist inside the space occupied by the physical body, these areas of energy impurity can be partially "inside the body," as well.

  Auric energy impurities, on the aura layers, relate to ill conditions in your patient's body, emotions, mind and spirit. On the 1st layer, they can be the "energetic leftovers" of physical trauma or conditions of ill health inside the body. On the 2nd or 3rd layers they are patterns of unhealthy negative emotions or negative thought-forms that are being "held" by your patient and are the "leftovers" of trauma, or psychological issues and negative feelings and beliefs your patient has otherwise acquired during life. On the higher layers, these impurities have affected your patient's spiritual state of being. Often, impurities on one layer will be closely associated with those occupying the same general area yet on other layers: impurities on the 4th layer that interfere with the expression of love, for example, will be associated with impurities on the 3rd layer corresponding to negative thoughtforms about self and other, impurities on the 2nd layer corresponding to core negative emotions, and unhealthy energies on the 1st layer that have caused physical affliction or disease. Sometimes unhealthy energies that have invaded your patient's energy field from outside (from other people) can contribute to and become enmeshed with these auric energy impurities your patient has generated in his or her own energy field.

  Auric energy impurities are commonly found on patients. They generally appear on the front of the body—often around the head, face, neck, shoulders, chest, lower abdomen or hips. They are also sometimes found over one or more chakras—often the 4th, 7th or 2nd. It is very desirable to be able to detect and then remove these unhealthy and detrimental energies from your patient's aura. Removing these energies, in conjunction with the unblocking of chakras, provides a great deal of emotional and mental clearing for your patient.

Energy Depletion:

Energy depletion is a weakness in the overall (global) energy of the energy field—it is a lack of sufficient energy to give the energy field vibrant health and to adequately support the life process of your patient, on all levels. It usually manifests as a condition of low or depleted energy on the entire aura—on all layers of the aura. Some weak chakras may be present as well, yet these are treated separately (as you will learn in Chios Level III).

  When the strength of the life energy in your patient's energy field becomes too low, the body, emotions and mind become less integral in their operation and your patient becomes more susceptible to illnesses and afflictions of various sorts from this weakened energy alone. This condition of weakened natural energy also makes it much easier for unhealthy outside energies to invade the energy field at whatever points are weakest: the unhealthy outside energies often lodge themselves in the aura layers and filter through them, and will also eventually affect some of the chakras. The healthy, protective function a strong aura normally provides is lost. This not only results in the condition of diminished overall health in the individual, but can be an important contributing factor to serious illness—physical, emotional or mental. Even when serious illness is not yet present, energy depletion, if left untreated, will make it considerably more likely that serious illness will eventually result.

  This condition of energy depletion can occur not only in the entire energy field but also sometimes in those portions of the field over certain bodily areas. This condition, which can sometimes be found over the lower legs or arms, is termed local energy depletion to distinguish it from the more common, and more serious, overall or global energy depletion. This local energy depletion is most commonly found in the lower legs, although it sometimes occurs in the lower arms as well. It is very desirable to correct the condition of energy depletion when it is found, and to do so is a great contribution to your patient, especially if he or she is suffering from or susceptible to serious illnesses.

Disturbance in Energy Flow:

Disturbance in energy flow is a condition of irregularity or disruption in the pattern of the flow of the life energy in and immediately around the physical body. It is not a condition that exists in the layers of the aura above the body, but in the body energy system.

  The energy in your patient's body (actually to a level about one inch above the skin) flows in a normal, healthy pattern—in a pattern of energy channels—upon which energetic and bodily health depends. This pattern has been described in acupuncture and various meridian-based energy therapies. The central energy channel along the spine is the largest (and by far most important) of these channels, but there is a system of smaller channels that bring the energy to all organs and tissues of the body. Sometimes the pattern of energy flow in many or most channels in the body becomes erratic and uneven, from various disturbances in your patient, or even completely disrupted from its normal, healthy paths. This disturbance in the flow eventually results in physical maladies and other unhealthy consequences for your patient, should the condition remain untreated. This is a global disturbance in energy flow, which affects the flow of energy in the most or all of the body and is not tied to any particular location.

  Disturbance of energy flow can also occur in specific regions, too. The energy can become disrupted and diverted from certain specific pathways. This disturbance of energy flow in certain particular areas is called local disturbance in energy flow, to distinguish it from the somewhat more common global (or overall) disturbance in the flow of the life energy.

  In Chios, these two forms of disturbance in energy flow are treated using the same technique. The disturbance is treated either globally—all over the body—or more specifically, according to the pathways that have become disrupted. When disturbances of energy flow are sensed they can be corrected, and it is beneficial to the energetic health of your patient to do so. This acts to prevent potential afflictions and disease in the organs and tissues of the body.

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