Healing Level II


   After obtaining psychic information and guidance, and attempting to view the aura yourself, you will use the passing-of-hands as your third main "information source," as you proceed in the process of becoming aware of your patient's treatment needs.

   In Chios Level I you began to sense the human energy field and to practice the passing-of-hands. In this level, you will benefit from additional practice in this technique, so that you may refine it and gain further information from it. Now that you have received the second Chios attunement, your hands will be more sensitive, which should make it easier for you to sense the energies. After examining the body using the passing-of-hands, you will take the results of all three sources of information regarding your patient's condition, and integrate them into an interpretation of your patient's needs. You will do this, not in an exclusively "rational" way, but in a manner through which each "information source," and all of them, have worked together to give an awareness of the condition of your patient that has formed in your whole being.

Refining the Practice of the Passing-of-Hands:

   It is important to practice the passing-of-hands in the proper manner, to gain accurate information about the patient's energy field. Pass your hands only over the front of the body, but including the limbs, and all around the head area. They are passed palm facing downwards, with the fingers spread slightly. The hands should be relaxed, as if resting, so that they are receptive to the sensation of the energy. Notice how this is similar to the idea of "receptive phase," as you have learned it. They should remain about 4 to 5 inches above the body surface of your patient, and should be moved slowly, approximately 2 inches per second, while sensing the energy.

   You may choose to keep the hands close together over the same area as you pass them (although there is no particular advantage in this), move them over different areas at the same time, or use just one hand alone. Often it is easiest and best to work with a single hand at a time. You must do what makes it easiest for you to sense. Usually the right hand is a little more sensitive, at least in the beginning, although after some experience both hands will probably become equally sensitive readers. Your sensitivity in both hands will also vary from day-to-day with changes in yourself.

   The fingertip sweep exercise you practiced in the first level began to make you aware of the subtle sensations of the energy as you sense it with your hands. You have also begun to sense the energy field of your patient as a part of your treatments. There is another exercise you may practice now that will help you in tuning your sensitivity:

   After calling in the energy using symbols, hold both of your hands out in front of you, relaxed, with palms open and fingers slightly spread. Now, pass your palms over each other, with the palm surfaces 4 to 5 inches apart. Do not try to "figure out" whatever you may be sensing—just pass them over each other while remaining open to the sensation and experiencing it with your entire being. Perform this exercise several times a day—when you practice it you are tuning your sensitivity—you are practicing the integration, at a deep level, of the delicate sensations the energy produces in each of your palms and your hands are comparing, refining and integrating their "separate" sensations.

   You may also work to tune your sensitivity while examining the energy field of your patients. It is beneficial, when practicing the passing-of-hands, to first pass one hand, by itself, over a given area in the patient's field where sensation is detected, then pass the other hand over the same area. One hand may feel a sensation, and then the other hand may feel something slightly different. This experience will expand your sense of the energy, as if gaining more perspective. Do not try to mentally "figure out" the differing sensations; simply allow the experience to give you a more complete intuitive understanding of body energies. You are "tuning" your sensitivity, increasing your sensitivity and understanding of the energies, but you are not merely interpreting the sensations with your mind.

The Passing of Hands

   The delicate sensations you may feel as you pass your hands over your patient's body might manifest as a hot, cold, attracting ("dip") or repelling ("bump") feeling in certain areas, or in some other way. The sensation in the hands is not necessarily related to the type of auric phenomena being sensed by the hand, although feelings and impressions in the mind frequently will give information on the aura phenomena sensed. It is important, though, to remain free of any preconceptions of what you may sense, either with the hands, or with the intuition, during the passing of the hands. Release any expectations you may have, and you will then be free to sense the energy as it is. You will find that practice of this technique will, over time, result in your achieving greater and greater sensitivity to the energy.

   Open your sensitivities to the patient's field and to the patient's energies. Try to attempt to learn and get a sense of the energy flows in the body and recognize areas where the flow is disturbed. You may also wish to try to "merge" with, to become the sensations and the energy flow, for this will help in opening your sensitivity to the energies and the energy field. You will therefore have greater holistic perception of the energy, and this will allow greater intuitive knowledge of whatever energetic defects in your patient's field may be the source of the sensations as you examine the patient with the passing-of-hands. This will also allow a greater overall awareness of your patient's condition to emerge in your being. The greater your sensitivity to your patient's field, and the fuller your understanding of its condition, the greater will be your power as a healer.

   It is especially wise to pass the hands over whatever areas your intuitive reading and/or aura viewing has indicated a problem may exist, in order to gain additional information. Use the passing-of-hands to substantiate and add to your intuitive reading and your viewing of the aura. Combine and compare the feelings you get from all three sources of information. Should your hands give you information that is not confirmed by your intuition or eyes, do not discount it; the hands are accurate indicators of the auric energy, and they may sometimes indicate conditions not apparent to your "sight." In addition, you may receive intuitive insight in a visual or other form as you pass the hands over the body; feelings in your mind as you pass your hand over a certain chakra, for example. Those areas where you sense energetic defects will require treatment using specific techniques designed to correct the conditions.

   Although you may, while you learn, practice the passing-of-hands as a separate step in your treatments, after the obtaining of psychic information and the viewing of the aura, there is no reason why it cannot be performed at the same time—alternating from one information source to the others to explore and confirm your perceptions. It is perfectly acceptable to perform an intuitive reading while at the same time attempting to confirm the psychic information you are receiving with your own observations of the aura (using the glancing technique), and to also pass the hands while these other sources of information are obtained. All three sources of information are used together and are compared with each other, in order that a complete and overall understanding of the patient's condition be obtained. This integration of the treatment needs of the patient, like each of the sources of information that contribute to it, acts to give impressions at a deep level—to the healer's entire conscious awareness. All the various forms of information the healer receives integrate into a deeper knowing.

Integrating an Interpretation of Treatment Needs:

   As you practice and gain experience, you will begin to be able to discriminate between normal body conditions and unhealthy ones. You will find that healthy chakras, for example, will have a sensation of health and energy associated with them when the hands are passed over them, while with blocked chakras you will sense an "unhealthiness," and will feel that the energy ends abruptly where it should flow—a stoppage in the energy that flows upward through the chakra and into it from outside. This sense of unhealthiness will be easier to read after some practice—you must be clear and open to it. Blocked or diseased chakras may also have a blackened, muddied, smeared, or discolored appearance accompanying them, and will often appear this way to your mind's eye as you receive psychic information and guidance. Although blocked chakras are not easily detected through viewing of the aura, it is possible you will later acquire this ability.

   Blocked 4th, 5th and 6th chakras are very common, while blocked 7th, 2nd, 3rd and 1st chakras are progressively less so. You will notice that some chakras will be chronically blocked on certain patients, while other chakras will be blocked occasionally, varying with the life circumstances of the patient. They are corrected using a technique called Unblocking Chakras.

   A leak or tear, a region leaking energy from a damaged part of the field, may appear and have the feel of energy flowing or moving in an unlikely direction (often outward). You will get a sense of a break or rupture in the harmonious flow of energy—an unhealthy feel to its flow. Leaks and tears are similar, and are treated the same way.

   Leaks may appear as a "jet" of energy flowing out from the body, usually near the knees, shoulders, neck, elbows or ankles. Tears may be seen as a rip in the field layer or layers, or sensed or felt as an openness in the field. These "holes" in the auric field are found over the chakras, over the face, and large tears, sometimes extending through several layers of aura are found most often over parts of the torso. Leaks and tears are corrected using a technique called Sealing Leaks and Tears.

   Auric energy impurities will have the appearance or feel of heaviness, discord or impurity—excess energy material in a place where it is not supposed to be. They will often appear as clumps of material, fuzzy areas or discolored areas of darkened energy around the body. They are areas of undesirable stagnant energy accumulation, and are energy blockages of various kinds that inhibit the flow of clear energy in the energy field. The colors or appearance of these impurities will be unhealthy and undesirable looking, as opposed to the healthy, vibrant appearance of a clear aura; they will look or feel static, thick and discolored.

   These impurities are commonly found around the head, face, shoulders, torso, hips and other areas. They also occur over chakras. Like blocked chakras and leaks and tears, auric impurities may have an "unhealthy" feel to them as you pass the hands. They are often produced by unhealthy energetic conditions within the body, and can sometimes also relate to undesirable emotions or thoughtforms. The clearing of auric impurities, along with the unblocking of chakras, often results in better physical health, and also emotional and mental clearing for the patient. Auric impurities are removed using a procedure called Aura Clearing.

   A condition of energy depletion is sensed as an absence of the energy, a lack of robustness in the overall feel or appearance of the energy field. During your reception of psychic information and guidance, you may have learned of this condition in your patient, or you may have noticed, as you viewed the aura, that the energy seemed low—that the first layer (and higher layers) seemed dim. This condition will cause a weakness and dimness of the aura, on all its levels.

   You may also sense this condition later, as you treat the patient with the laying-on-of-hands. During the placement of the hands you may also sense a lack of vitality in the body energy, and thereby confirm your perception.

   Energy depletion is corrected through a technique know as Aura Charging. To re-establish its energetic vitality of the aura greatly aids the healing process, especially in the seriously ill, and serves to decrease the likelihood of further disease. Occasionally, energy depletion will occur only in certain areas of the aura, usually at the extremities. This will be sensed in the same manner as overall energy depletion, yet only in the lower legs or arms. A variation of aura charging, local aura charging, is then employed to re-vitalize the field at these locations.

   A disturbance in energy flow may be sensed as an overall disharmony in the energy of the energy field, not tied to any chakra or other specific location in the field. It is a disjointed, jagged or unbalanced feel or appearance in the energy flow of the entire body. You may not sense it visually, but may sense in your being, at a certain level, an unpleasant or uncomfortable sensation, something like the sensation that screeching on a blackboard presents to your sense of hearing. There is usually no visual indication, either with psychic sight or with the eyes, but it is sensed on a subtle level by the healer as an uneasiness in the energy field of the patient—an uneasiness that the healer may even feel in his or her own body.

   This condition is corrected through a procedure known as Correction of Energy Flow. When it is detected in only one particular area of the aura, occasionally over portions of the torso, it is corrected by local correction of energy flow, although this is a somewhat less commonly found condition.

   You will, with practice, be able to discriminate between these different conditions, and know what treatment is appropriate. Using all the information you have gained from your reception of psychic information and guidance, viewing the aura, passing the hands and any other felt sense, integrate and plan the course of appropriate treatment. Above all, however, be aware that this understanding of the condition and proper treatment of the patient will form as feelings in the eyes, mind and hands. The idea is to form a knowing that is felt by your whole being.

   After coming to a good understanding of your patient's condition, you will then proceed with treatment. The various techniques that you will use, and the proper method of their practice, are detailed in the remaining sections of this level. You will incorporate these techniques in the appropriate places during your treatment, and the recommended order in which you should do so is given in the Treatment Outline near the end.

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