Healing Level III


Now that you have learned some very powerful and effective techniques to sense and heal fundamental energetic defects in your patient’s chakra system and aura layers, it is time to bring special attention to a particularly important part of the energy field: the 7th layer of aura. The 7th layer contains within it energies that store the fundamental issues and existential biases from past lives. The issues, experiences and spiritual lessons in your patient’s present life (present incarnation) are often a recapitulation of those in past lives (previous incarnations).

  The 7th layer exerts a powerful influence upon your patient’s entire energy field and life experience. This highest layer of aura contains the most refined and most permanent energetic characteristics in the aura layers—characteristics with the ability to filter down affect the energetic operations in all lower layers of aura and correspondingly affect the entire life experience and state of being of your patient. Therefore, unresolved past-life experiences impressed in this 7th layer (which often include related experiences in the present life) will have a major impact on your patient’s present life. When this layer of aura has damaged regions, which often correlate to unresolved experiences, issues and traumas, it can seriously reduce the potential of your patient to achieve the most spiritually aware, affliction-free and fulfilling life possible. This damage to the 7th layer places serious limitations upon your patient’s ability to cope with and grow from the challenges and opportunities available in the present life. It will often also eventually foster emotional or psychological afflictions, or even physical disease. It is therefore crucial to heal this layer when it possesses such damaged regions.

  This 7th layer of aura often needs significant healing; direct and specifically focused healing is sometimes required to correct the conditions upon it that can have such negative effect on your patient. Because of the special importance of this layer of aura, and because healing of this layer can have such a profound benefit to your patient, a special technique for this layer alone is included here, and it is known as Chios Seventh Layer Focal Healing. This technique is potentially very powerful, because to heal the 7th layer of aura potentially affects all of the lower layers and every aspect of your patient’s being—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Although it will not be all patients who require the 7th layer healed using this technique—only a fraction will exhibit damage to the 7th layer that requires correction—healing the 7th layer gives your patient the opportunity to avoid many forms of illness and affliction, advance spiritually and, especially, to simply live a more fulfilling existence. Often it provides a healing effect that is profound and simply cannot be obtained any other way.


  This very powerful technique is covered completely in the Chios textbook Chios Energy Healing: Powerful New Techniques for Healing the Human Energy Field, which includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions of this complex technique, along with complete illustrations. The book is available on Amazon by clicking on the link.

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