Healing Level III


   The 7th layer of aura fulfills a special function in the energy field. It is a reflection of the entire life experience of the individual, including the entire relationship between that individual, in all of his or her incarnated lives, and the greater spiritual totality. It is the highest layer of aura, and contains the most refined and most permanent energetic characteristics in the aura layers—characteristics with the ability to affect the energetic operations in all lower layers of aura and correspondingly affect the entire life experience of the individual. Therefore, unresolved past-life experiences in this layer (for example) can have a major impact on the present life. When this layer of aura has damaged regions, from traumatic or unresolved past-life (or even present life) experiences, it can seriously reduce the potential of the person to achieve the most spiritually aware, affliction-free and fulfilling life possible, and can even lead to disease. This damage to the 7th layer can therefore place limitations upon the individual's ability to cope with and grow from the challenges and opportunities available in the present life.

   This 7th layer of aura corresponds to the 7th chakra, and like the 7th chakra, is intimately connected to the sum total of the spiritual beingness. The 7th chakra commonly requires attention from the energy healer, and will frequently require some or even all of the energy healing techniques you have learned in these second and third healing courses, in combination. Some of these techniques used by the healer on the 7th chakra, such as charging and the radiatory technique, also serve to treat the 7th layer of aura, as you know, but as this 7th layer is often in need of significant healing, and because treating the 7th layer of aura directly is often more effective than treating the 7th chakra and 7th layer with these other techniques alone, it is desirable to treat the 7th layer of aura directly, also.

   Because of the special importance of this layer of aura, and because healing of this layer can have such a profound benefit to the patient, a very powerful special technique for this layer alone is also available, and it is known as Seventh Layer Focal Healing. To heal this 7th layer of aura through the use of this technique is a great benefit to the patient, for when the healer works on the 7th layer of aura, all of the lower layers are eventually affected, in turn. Although it will not be all patients who require this healing—only a fraction will exhibit damage to the 7th layer that requires correction—to heal the 7th layer can heal or prevent disease, give the patient the opportunity to advance spiritually and, especially, to simply live a more fulfilling existence. Often it provides a healing effect that is profound and seemingly cannot be obtained any other way.

   To begin to employ this technique, the first step is an in-depth and careful examination of the patient's 7th layer of aura. During your regular treatment of the patient, employing all the techniques that have been discussed, you may have seen or have gained some sense of damage to the 7th layer, or may have received some psychic information or guidance that indicated to you that treatment of the 7th layer was required. Before treating this layer, however, it is necessary to take some additional time, just prior to employing seventh layer focal healing, to sense the condition of this layer again, and in detail.

   With your patient lying face-up on the treatment table, back away to a distance of six feet, or somewhat more, from the patient. Examine the 7th layer, with your psychic sight (and with your eyes, if you can), using the Chios technique for viewing this higher layer of aura (employing the violet Star, and visualization of this layer in the mind's eye, using the method of practice previously discussed). Quietly observe this outermost and finest layer of the patient's energy field. After some observation, over several minutes, you will see it as if it were a fine, transparent eggshell, with a soft glowing light that may appear bright or golden to your psychic sight and eyes. This layer is approximately three feet, or a little more, from the body surface, and, although appearing as bright or golden light, is actually composed of a light that contains all the colors in its true nature.

   Study this 7th layer of aura carefully, over several minutes, noting imperfections in the shell, particularly in the constancy of the light. Areas of damage in this layer will appear as spots, zones or areas that display a change in texture—not any significant change in the color or intensity of the light of the shell, but a roughness and a change in the quality of the light of the shell. The light of the shell will appear as a light would appear that has reflected from a different textured surface. These spots, zones or damaged areas can be of any shape or size—there is not one shape or size that they are more likely to be, although they do not usually grow extremely large. They are frequently found more often on the top half of the shell—the portion around the upper half of the body—although they may occur anywhere. There may be one of these damaged spots, zones or areas, or there may be several. Make careful note of each. This is a process of visualization and careful observation.

   Begin your treatment of the patient by conducting a preliminary visualization of each area of the shell that shows damage: visualize, sense and become each spot, zone or damaged area of the 7th layer. While visualizing these spots, zones or damaged areas, in your mind's eye, see these damaged areas of the 7th layer that require repair being repaired. Do this, for a brief moment, with each damaged area, intending and sensing the area being restored. This visualization creates a link between the healer and the areas to be healed, providing for a more powerful healing during the second phase of treatment that is detailed below. It is a sense of empathy with the patient and the patient's condition—a drawing of the healer into the patient—upon which effective healing depends.

   As you perform this preliminary visualization on the areas, spots or zones in the 7th layer that require repair, you may also find yourself able to receive psychic information and guidance regarding the meaning of these areas, as you focus upon each of them. Each area of damage may bear relationship to certain past life (and/or present life) experiences of the patient, and will have often resulted in various unhealthy energetic conditions on the lower layers of aura—defects in the 5th layer which mirror defects in the 7th layer shell, for example. You may therefore "see" the experiences, the damaged area of the 7th layer and the resulting unhealthy energetic conditions on the lower layers, as well as the correlating effects that these have had upon the psychology, present-life experience and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the patient.

   After completing this preliminary visualization of each damaged spot, area or zone on the 7th layer, approach your patient and begin to treat each damaged region individually again, but with this specific technique: for each spot, zone or area on the 7th layer that has exhibited damage, place your hand between the body surface of the patient and the damaged area of the 7th layer. Your hand should be approximately 10 inches from the body surface, with the palm open and facing downward toward the body surface of the patient. Now, using your powers of visualization, visualize a stream of energy or light (use light if you are comfortable with it) flowing from the area near the body of your patient, through your hand, and outwards through the higher bodies to the damaged region of the 7th layer. The energy/light is drawn from the energy surrounding the patient's body in the area immediately around and under your hand. The hand draws the light/energy to itself, passing it through itself as if it were a (concave) lens, and then the light/energy diverges and diffuses—it is spread out and travels to the damaged region of the 7th layer shell, where it illuminates an area perhaps a foot in diameter (more or less) and where it repairs, corrects and strengthens the shell and heals the damage that has occurred. The light/energy is concentrated, before it passes through the "lens" of the hand, and is then diffused and also directed towards the region in need.

   This is a powerful technique, and like all the powerful techniques you are learning in this course, it is your powerful and effective visualization ability that makes it work. Treat each damaged spot, zone or area in succession with this technique for a few moments, or until you get a sense that your treatment of the spot, zone or area is complete. With each damaged region, either hand my be used, but use only one hand at a time on one region at a time, and visualize the proper technique clearly and accurately, treating only the area requiring it, for several minutes, until you get a sense that your treatment of that area is complete. Check your progress with your psychic sight or your eyes as you treat the damaged regions. After completing treatment of all damaged regions on the front half of the eggshell, have your patient turn over and lie on his or her stomach, and repeat, on the back side, the entire process of careful observation, preliminary visualization, and treatment with the focal healing technique. It is somewhat less likely to find damaged spots, zones or areas on this back side than on the front half of the shell, but they can still be found. As on the front side, damaged spots, zones or areas which are found on the back side are more frequently found on the upper half of the shell.

   After treating the patient with this technique, perform a passing of hands on your patient to sense the harmony in the energy flow of the field—checking to establish a reference sense of its harmonious flow after 7th layer treatment, for future comparison. Hopefully, you will gain a tactile and intuitive sense of a harmonious and healthy overall energy flow in the field. This harmony will be sensed as you pass your hands low over the body, as is usually done, and it indicates that the restoration attempted on the 7th layer has been effective. A well-healed 7th layer positively affects all lower layers of aura, and this effect can be noted during this regular passing of hands.  One to two weeks after being treated with the seventh layer focal healing technique, your patient must then be re-assessed, in this same way, with you again performing the passing of hands to sense the harmony (or lack thereof) of the energy flow—a lack of harmony arising in the overall flow possibly indicating an incorrect or incomplete 7th layer treatment. If a disharmony in the flow of energy has become manifest, the 7th layer should again be observed and treated as necessary.

   It is important to know that, in order to safely employ this treatment, you must acquire a clear perception of the 7th layer, and work accurately and delicately as you direct the energy through your hand and out to damaged regions in it. Although it is simple in nature, this technique is extremely powerful, and should be performed only with a full understanding of the process—otherwise it is possible for more harm than good to be done.

Delivering Intuitive Information to the Patient:

   During the sensing and treatment of the very important 7th layer of aura, as during the sensing and viewing of the aura in its entirety and the sensing and viewing of the chakra system, the healer will often receive psychic information and guidance regarding the psychology and present and past-life experience of the patient, which have contributed to the present state of the patient's energy field, and his or her body, emotions, mind and spirit. A focus upon the colors and other phenomena in the aura layers, the colors and the existence of impurities and defects in the chakras, the sensing and becoming of the patient's chakra that is practiced during the radiatory technique, the preliminary visualization of damaged regions on the 7th layer of aura and upon whatever other energetic conditions may exist in the energy field will often will often lead to the reception of such information regarding their origin and influence upon the patient. Whenever the healer focuses upon, senses and becomes an aspect of the patient's energy field, in the process of healing the patient, this sort of information becomes available. This has been discussed.

   This information is extremely useful to the healer, for the purpose of coming to a full understanding of the patient's condition, and may also be delivered to the patient—under certain very important conditions—for the patient's learning, understanding and overall healing. A healing treatment is a very good time for personal growth on all levels, for the energy, color and light work the healer performs on the patient's energy field often catalytically potentiates and supports the patient's re-experiencing traumatic past experiences, coming to terms with emotions, achieving a greater understanding of his or her condition, situation and problems, and acquiring a new and more beneficial spiritual relationship with him or herself and the world. Delivery of psychic information to the patient, for the purpose of complementing and enhancing the patient's overall experience of healing, must be done only at the proper time, in the proper way, and only to the degree that is beneficial for the patient, however. The healer must carefully and consciously choose what portion, if any, of the information that has been received should be delivered to the patient, how it should be delivered, and when the patient has received enough. Otherwise, as in the seventh layer focal healing technique, it is entirely possible for the healer to do more harm than good.

   The ideal way for the healer to incorporate the "delivery" of psychic information in a healing treatment is as a gentle leading of the patient towards understanding and release, and as a confirmation of the patient's own experience in this process. That is, the healer does not "thrust" the information upon the patient, in a way that is cold, unprepared or insensitive, but instead encourages and assists the patient to discover and experience for his or herself whatever is important and needs to be looked at. While treating a seriously damaged heart chakra, for example, the healer may gently offer, to the patient, the observation that he or she holds anger. The patient may then be encouraged to acknowledge and explore this anger—may be encouraged to get in touch with this emotion, or even go back to the time when this anger was felt strongly—and the healer may gently encourage the patient in doing so, being able to do so by virtue of having received psychic information and guidance detailing the origin of the patient's trauma. The patient may then begin to get in touch with this emotion and the experiences which have produced it. These may appear as pictures or as an actual re-vivification of past traumatic experiences. The healer may also gently steer the patient towards a new understanding of how this experience and the patient's reaction to it has influenced the patient's view of him or herself, the patient's life, or others around the patient.

   The healer may have seen this anger and its manifestations in the aura layers, may have seen the traumatic experiences in the present life of the patient that it correlates to, may even see various past life traumas of which the present-life experiences are a re-experiencing, and may have a complete picture of the entire pattern of existential biases that this complex comprises, but to deliver all this information (or even a part of it) to the patient, at once, is not in the best interest of the patient and can easily overwhelm or cause the patient to draw back, deny or reject further healing. It is far better to let out the information a little at a time, at the proper moments, as a process of leading the patient towards experiencing what is beneficial for him or her to experience during the healing, and assisting the patient in acknowledging and letting go of whatever comes up.

   Instrumental in the judgment and timing required to do this properly is the ability of the healer to know and follow his or her own intuitive sense, as well as whatever guidance is being given. This intuitive sense and guidance will assist in directing the healing treatment to whatever faulty energetic conditions need treatment that day, to what past experiences and emotions need to come up and be understood and resolved, and to the best moment and the best way for this to happen.

   Complete healing is seldom accomplished in one healing session, and the patient's core issues and unresolved experiences can be revealed and resolved in a gradual, safe manner. Often the healer will get a real sense of when these moments can occur, and the way in which the healer can be of best help. The key is to remain open and clear in the awareness while retaining caution in what is released to the patient and how quickly the patient is led to deeper and deeper layers of experiences which contain the core issues and core emotions.

   Healing of specific damaged areas in the patient's energy field will often occur at the same time that the patient gets in touch with, comes to an understanding of, and releases the experiences with which they correlate. Often this will occur during regular hand placement, during aura charging, while unblocking chakras, when charging chakras or treating them with the radiatory method, or when healing the 7th layer with the seventh layer focal healing technique, although it may occur at any time during treatment. Working to assist the patient in handling the experiences, knowings and emotions that come up at these times, in a sensitive and effective way, is another service the healer performs for the patient.

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