The healer's ability to sense the nature and function of the chakras, and the ability to obtain psychic information and guidance regarding conditions in them and how these conditions correlate with personal issues and life experiences, may used for the healer's own growth: You may practice these techniques for the purpose of learning your own chakra system and the issues and experiences which compose your own personality. You can also charge and balance your own chakras:

  Lie down, close your eyes, and familiarize yourself with the nature and function of your chakras—seek to sense and become each of your chakras, in succession, allowing a deep sense of the chakra itself to emerge in your awareness. Do you get a deep sense of this portion of your overall being? Sense the chakra as a pure realm of being and also sense whichever individual variations exist in your chakra—characteristics, influences and biases particular to you. Do this, at first, without trying to place qualifications upon your understanding, but simply allow an awareness of your own chakra system develop at a deep level. This is like a form of meditation.

   Add to your knowledge of your chakras by performing an intuitive reading on your own chakra system—visualizing the body profile with the chakra colors in a rainbow above, as you do on your patients. Do you have chakras which are undercharged or impure?  Do you have a pattern of imbalance in your chakra system? 

   Working from a deep sense of each chakra, allow yourself to gain a pure sense of each chakra's place in your life and awareness, and also a sense of which core issues in you may relate to energetic defects you may have detected in it. Do not struggle to gain this information, but merely let it come—in pictures, feelings, sounds or in whatever other way. Allow yourself to become aware of psychic information and guidance which will gently bring you to a higher state of awareness of your own psychology, life experience and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. In a state of quietness, open yourself to your chakras and the information you receive. This is also like a meditation.

   Perform, now, a distance healing on your chakras, without using your hands, to charge and balance them.  Charge whichever of your chakras require it, using a visualization of the appropriate symbol in color and also a cloud of that color around the chakra. Rebalance your chakra system by raising or lowering the activity of chakras which require it, using the symbol related to the chakra in the necessary color(s) and a cloud of that color around the chakra. Charging and balancing your own chakras will help you in your life and growth, and will also give you greater effectiveness in your healing work. Unblocking and radiatory treatment of your chakras is best done for you by another healer—these techniques do not lend well to self-treatment.

©1994 - 2011 Stephen H. Barrett